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‘Jeopardy!’ Co-Host Ken Jennings to Helm New ‘Masters’ Spinoff Featuring Matt Amodio and More

by Joe Rutland
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(Raymond Liu/ABC via Getty Images)

Jeopardy! co-host Ken Jennings will have more work on his game show plate coming up with Jeopardy! Masters. This new series, which has been given the OK by ABC, will have elite-level competitors as part of the contestant group.

Besides Jennings as host, the Sony Pictures Television production is a primetime series that will feature the six highest-ranked, current Jeopardy! contestants. They will reportedly face off in a Champions League-style event to win the coveted title of Jeopardy! Masters Champion. Other game shows getting renewed by ABC include Claim to Fame, Celebrity Family Feud, and Press Your Luck. Premiere dates for those shows will be announced later on.

Amy Schneider Is Coming Off Of ‘Jeopardy! Tournament Of Champions Victory

This news about Jeopardy! Masters comes on the heels of Amy Schneider happening to win Jeopardy!‘s annual Tournament of Champions. Schneider, along with Matt Amodio, Sam Buttrey, Andrew He, James Holzhauer, and Mattea Roach will compete to determine who is Jeopardy! Masters Champion, TV Insider reports.

These six are considered Super Champs. Viewers have been watching these contestants play Jeopardy! in recent years. Schneider won the Tournament of Champions. But Masters offers Amodio, Buttrey, He, and Roach a chance at redemption. They all competed against her in the event.

Holzhauer, though, is definitely no stranger to the competition. He faced off against Jennings and Brad Rutter in ABC’s other primetime event Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time. Jennings won, yet Holzhauer has continued his game show TV run with The Chase alongside others such as Jennings, Rutter, and Buzzy Cohen.

Mayim Bialik Has Returned As Host Of Daily Shows

All Jeopardy! Masters shows will reportedly be an hour long in length. It will showcase the contestants with two action-packed, high-stakes games. Audiences will be able to follow these champions along for the fun. Michael Davies is the executive producer of Jeopardy! Masters.

In other show-related news, Jennings also finds himself involved in this story, too. He is taking a break from the daily show hosting duties at this time. This is not out of the ordinary with two permanent host set up for Jeopardy! He hosted the first part of the show’s season which ran in the fall of 2022.

Now that we are in a new year, Jennings steps aside and lets Mayim Bialik host the daily shows. Bialik has been busy at work on her sitcom Call Me Kat for FOX. She also hosted Celebrity Jeopardy! in the fall as well. Right now, it looks like Bialik will not have anything to do with the new show since Jennings will be that show’s host. That’s OK. Both hosts will be busy with their respective assignments this year.