‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Explains How Show Handles Tall People

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

That’s likely a question you’ve never asked yourself when it comes to “Jeopardy!”: How do they handle insanely tall people?

For the most part, when viewers watch “Jeopardy!”, they just accept the fact that every contestant looks to be the same height behind the podium. But in real life, the contestants’ heights differ vastly. So, how does the game show handle it?

Former contestant Clark Dawson, whose episode aired last week, spilled the beans in a recent interview with The State. The lawyer from Columbia, South Carolina, told the outlet a few behind-the-scenes facts that she had no idea about until she arrived at the set.

“Other behind-the-scenes observations Dawson made were the game board is closer to the contestants than appears on television, and the floor behind the podium moves up and down so no player appears taller than another,” the outer wrote. “And, Dawson said, [Ken] Jennings is as nice in person as he is on television.”

So, a moving floor accounts for the height differences between “Jeopardy!” contestants’ evening out. The floor itself must be split in three to raise and lower the heights of each of the three contestants.

We appreciate Dawson for providing us with this behind-the-scenes tidbit. Although she’s waited and studied for ten years to appear on the show, Dawson, unfortunately, lost to super champion Amy Schneider.

Schneider’s now won 34 consecutive games and earned over $1.1 million in winnings. She recently became the fourth person in “Jeopardy!” history to win over a million dollars, and she’s the first woman to win so many consecutive games.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fan Applauds Amy Schneider For Changing the Game

In addition to breaking these fantastic “Jeopardy!” records, Amy Schneider is also spreading positivity and support for the transgender community. She’s the first openly transgender contestant to ever advance this far on the game show.

And other fans are taking notice. In a recent interview with TMZ, dancer and model Leiomy Maldonado opened up about how proud she is of Schneider’s progress. Maldonado is a trans woman herself.

“I think it’s powerful,” Maldonado said of Schneider’s achievements so far. “It will educate people. And especially back in the day, they were very ignorant about differences, very ignorant about different ways of how humans live their life. So I think this is a great way to cross that bridge.”

Maldonado and the rest of the family will be cheering the “Jeopardy!” champion on, because “Of course, we root for our family!” The dancer and model also appreciates what Schneider’s visibility on-screen will mean for younger trans people.

“The visibility nowadays is very important, especially for the kids,” she said. “I hope there’s more love, more respect, and more acceptance.”