‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Opens Up About Rehearsal Process

by Hannah Heser

Jeopardy is a popular game show where people compete for large amounts of money. The show features different quiz topics and contestants have a certain amount of time to answer them.

One contestant, for example, lost to a long-time champion on the show, Amy Schneider. This opportunity has been this contestant’s life-long goal for as long as they can remember. But the contestant, Andrea Asuaje, had no idea who she would be going up against. That’s just the beauty of the competition. It’s full of many surprises that the audience thorougly enjoys.

Andrea reportedly acknowledged that she lost to Amy Schneider, but wants her to keep her winning streak. Before the competition, however, she went through a lot in rehearsals. This is where she learned how to make it to the next level in the game show. In her report, she opens up about the rehearsal process.

The Rehearsal Process on Jeopardy

Last fall, Andrea received an unfamiliar call. It turns out to be Jeopardy inviting her to be on the show. Even though she was excited for this journey, she felt a little nervous.

According to wbur, a thousand thoughts raced through her head. A few of these questions include: “What if I say something embarrassing? How will I do my makeup for TV? or Would people make fun of the way I look?”

Being nervous is normal for everyone who goes on a TV show, especially if they’re struggling with some type of disorder. For Andrea, she faces a nonstop battle with an eating disorder. But that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream.

Not long after, she remembers flying to Los Angeles, California alongsider her mother. And she’s more than ready to take on the competition. That following Monday was the first day of rehearsal. Can you imagine how anxious everyone would feel, especially if it’s your first time on television? It’s probably pretty nerve-wracking.

At the studio, she met her competition; a lawyer, composure, and of course, the Amy Schneider. Andrea mentioned that the rehearsal days went by in the blink of an eye, and all of the rounds are pretty much surprises.

“Everything in ‘Jeopardy!’ is done by chance, even in rehearsal, so you never know who you’ll play against or even what podium you’ll stand behind,” she explained. “Unless you’re the champ, of course.”

Obviously, Amy Schneider knew the ropes of the game, such as where to stand and what buttons to press. This contestant has a true act for the stage.

All in all, she admits that the early morning rehearsals paid off. If rehearsals weren’t a thing, how would anyone know how to play? We all have to start somewhere.