‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Opens Up About Playing Alongside Champ Amy Schneider

by Jonathan Howard

For one Jeopardy! contestant, things started to get serious when they had to play up against Amy Schneider. Terry Wolfisch Cole was surprised.

When contestants go into rehearsals for shows, they don’t always know who they are going to be up against. Cole came into her Jeopardy! screening after Matt Amodio, but before Amy Schneider’s episodes aired on TV. So, when the accolades and accomplishments were announced as the champ was introduced, Cole was taken aback.

It was November 2021. The Jeopardy! crowd was limited to just future contestants. Cole sat in the audience and was watching another rehearsal. She had no idea the streak that Schneider had amassed and definitely not the scores she had racked up. The champ has 28 wins and is showing no signs of slowing down.

While she sat in the crowd, “We thought they were joking,” Cole told the SFGate. “[Former champion] Matt Amodio’s last episode aired between the time my cohort got the call and the time we went to the taping. So we thought we had really dodged a bullet… We didn’t yet know there was a champion among us, for all we knew, we thought we were all just new contestants. And then they did the first rehearsal round, and she burned through it like a flamethrower.”

Afterward, Schneider admitted that the Jeopardy! rehearsal questions were simply repeats. She had heard them before and that helped her along the way. However, when things started for real, she went on to answer 32 questions and only had 3 wrong answers. She won $25,400 which was almost twice as much as Cole was able to earn – $13,400. Although, Cole had no incorrect answers.

‘Jeopardy!’ Amy Schneider Breaks $1 Million

Earlier this week, Schneider broke the $1 million mark. She is just the fourth contestant ever to reach that mark. The only contestants ahead of her in all-time earnings are Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, and Matt Amodio. Schneider has earned the most money of any woman to appear on the show.

Jeopardy! has had some great contestants. But how great has it been to watch Amodio and Schneider dominate the game so close together? The tournament of champions could be one that is historically talented. Before that is announced Schneider is going to try to continue her streak next week.

Host and GOAT Ken Jennings congratulated the current champ on her new record. “She did it! And in just 28 games, faster than my pace and tied with Matt Amodio.” She has been winning money at a very fast pace and is keeping up with one of the best to ever do it, just before she started to do it.

When Monday comes around, Schneider is going to be looking to win her 29th and then 30th game. If she is able to get to 32 games, she will tie Holzhauer as the third most winning contestant ever. 38 games and she catches Amodio. Then, maybe we can talk about Jennings around game 50 or so? 74 is a lot of games.