‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Who Missed New York Governor Question Gets a Do-Over

by Victoria Santiago

A New York resident got to re-do a Jeopardy! question yesterday (12/31). When Ben Walthall failed to answer a question about New York’s newest governor, he didn’t expect to be given a second chance at answering the question. But that’s exactly what happened during Gov. Kathy Hochul’s virtual COVID-19 briefing.

“Here in New York we actually believe in second chances,” Hochul said before introducing Walthall. “In 2021, she became the first female governor of New York state.” The clue was then read again by one of the governor’s staff members, who accidentally said “first female president” the first time. The staff member then corrected themselves and repeated the clue with “governor of New York state.” Walthall correctly answered with, “Who is Kathy Hochul?”

None of the contestants on this past episode of Jeopardy! answered the question. Even Amy Schneider, who has consecutively won 22 games, stayed silent. The question was worth $2,000. During the COVID-19 briefing with the governor, Walthall said that they filmed the episode a few months back. He gave that as his reason for not being able to answer the question. He said filming took place right around the time she went into office. The host of the episode, Ken Jennings, was surprised when no one knew the answer. Walthall has been living in New York for over a decade. “Ben, that’s your governor! Kathy Hochul, her name,” Jennings said to the stumped New Yorker.

Before becoming governor, Kathy Hochul was the lieutenant governor. She stepped into the role after Andrew Cuomo resigned in August. Cuomo resigned due to sexual misconduct allegations against him. A Jeopardy! spokesperson said that the episode was filmed on October 12th. That’s a little bit after Hochul became governor.

Amy Schneider Continues Her ‘Jeopardy!’ Winning Streak

Even though she didn’t know the answer to New York’s first female governor, Schneider still won big. During that episode, she won $806,000 and secured her 21st consecutive win. That put her in fourth place for most consecutive wins on the show. Plus, she’s now the fourth place for highest winnings from the show.

The fact that she’s already won so many shows is impressive, but she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. She’s already beat former contestant Julia Collins’ 20-game record. Now, she’s on to tackle higher records, like Matt Amodio’s 38 consecutive wins. Amodio has won $1.5 million from the game show. She may even have a chance to beat her very own guest host, Ken Jennings. Jennings has won a staggering 74 games. From those 74 games, he raked in a cool $2.5 million. He has currently won the most consecutive games out of anyone who has played on the show. Good luck to her!