‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Botch Question Leaving One American City Majorly Disappointed

by Leanne Stahulak

Some “Jeopardy!” clues are so difficult that they stump all the contestants. Even when the clue seems surprisingly simple to the viewers who haven’t studied and trained to be on the show.

On Thursday, Oct. 14, the three contestants faced down a category called “Geo Trios,” during the Double “Jeopardy!” round. One of the questions asked them to name a specific North Carolina city. But none of the contestants even attempted to answer the question, according to local news outlet WCNC.

The clue read, “North Carolina’s research triangle consists of 3 university cities: Durham, Chapel Hill & this home of NC State.”

Think you know the answer? It’s the state capital, Raleigh! But as you can see in this video from Mary-Jo Gellenbeck, an advisory member of Raleigh’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council, no one even hazarded a guess.

“Come on!” she says as host Mayim Bialik finally gives the correct answer.

Funnily enough, the official City of Raleigh Twitter account also reposted Gellenbeck’s video with a hilarious caption. “Feelings a little hurt right now, not gonna lie,” they wrote with a disappointed face emoji.

The city’s tweet quickly took off with North Carolina residents and fans, some of whom had hilarious reactions to the “Jeopardy!” contestants’ failure to answer correctly.

NC State College of Design, which was referenced in the clue, commented, “Reasons to yell at the TV for $400 please.”

Right on their heels, the NC State Poole College of Management followed up with a nod to the recent red flags meme. “When they don’t know where the home of NC State is,” the college tweeted.

“Look on the bright side, at least they didn’t say ‘Ray-Lee.’ I’d take silence over that any day,” Twitter user Ashley Cimino wrote.

New ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Jonathan Fisher Qualifies for Tournament of Champions

Even though he didn’t know the answer to the North Carolina question, current “Jeopardy!” champ Jonathan Fisher still won five straight games in a row this week. This makes Fisher qualify for the Tournament of Champions, where only the best of the best each year compete.

He even dethroned the legendary Matt Amodio, who broke all kinds of records and became second only to Ken Jennings in consecutive wins.

Amodio repeatedly told Fisher how well he played after Amodio’s devastating loss. And even though it must sting to come so far only to fall, Amodio still has one small consolation: Fisher’s been dominating the game ever since.

“Jeopardy!” recently interviewed Fisher about being a 5-day champion. But during their exclusive interview, the game show also brought up how Fisher’s actually done better than other contestants who dethroned legends in the past.

James Holzhauer previously held the second-place record for consecutive wins (32). He lost to Emma Boettcher, who only won two more games after defeating him. And Jennings lost to Nancy Zerg after a historic 74 wins. But she lost in her next match-up, leaving just that one incredible win in the books.

Maybe Amodio fell only to let a new champion rise. But we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out.