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‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Troll Themselves After Going 0-for-5 in Sports Category

by Joe Rutland
jeopardy! photo
(Tyler Golden/ABC via Getty Images)

There are some categories on Jeopardy! that can cause problems at times and one of those for one group was sports. How good, or shall we say how bad, did they do? Well, they managed to go 0-for-5. All five answers for the “In The Sport” category received some rough responses to them on Thursday night’s show.

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One contestant went with the $1,000 answer immediately and got a clue of “chukker, gag bit, mallet, a lot of money.” One contestant guessed the sport was roulette. The proper response was, “What is polo?”

All Three ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Silent On The Sports Subject Of Hockey

From $800 and lower, the answers were pretty much layups for most sports fans, Fox News reports. All three contestants were filled with silence with the $800 answer: “penalty killing, plus-minus, the five-hole, ‘the biscuit.'” Not many people call the puck a biscuit, but no one knew it was hockey.

How about “In The Sport” for $600? Forget about it. “Eight-count, accidental butt, cuman (for said accidental butt)” garnered no responses either. It was boxing. “In The Sport for $400.” At least they tried this time, but they came up empty.

“Best ball, casual water, closed face, and, the absolute worst, shank,” got a not-so-confident response of “water polo.” Well, the right answer would have been “What is golf?” For $200, all the three contestants had to do was guess our national pastime when seeing “inherited runners, appeal play, pickoff.”

This brought about even more silence. “The internet is going to love this,” one contestant joked. But, in their defense, they weren’t hit with “nine iron,” “bat and ball,” “stick and puck,” or “stick and move.” If you have never watched sports before, then those answers can definitely be difficult. But there is a level of satisfaction when you know the correct responses to Jeopardy! and the contestants on the show don’t.

Ken Jennings Reacts To U.K. Getting Spin-Off Of ‘Jeopardy!’

Meanwhile, Ken Jennings is reacting to a United Kingdom spin-off that will be airing in that country. Veteran actor Stephen Fry will be hosting the limited run of shows that Jeopardy! will have there. “Nothing gives you imposter syndrome quite like sharing a job description with Stephen Fry…” Jennings happened to write on Twitter.

Fry has hosted a game show before. So this will not be his first rodeo. Yet even he’s hoping that viewers will fall in love with Jeopardy! in the UK. “The idea of hosting it here in the U.K. makes me dizzy with delight,” Fry said in a recent interview. “Such a dedicated quizzing nation as ours will, I hope, welcome this uniquely beguiling and endlessly rewarding game.”