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‘Jeopardy!’: The Failed Strategy That Landed One Contestant Record Low Score

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

One contestant stood out on “Jeopardy!” recently, but it happened to be far from a pleasant way to do so.

Matt King appeared on the show on Tuesday. He ended up earning one of the lowest scores in “Jeopardy!” history when he wrapped up his time as a contestant with -$6,400. People finish with a negative amount of money plenty of times, but King found himself pretty far into that negative money rabbit hole. Now he’s notorious for his bad performance.

So, how does that end up happening to a contestant at all?

Matt King Low Score on ‘Jeopardy!’

The Lewisville, Texas attorney just couldn’t get very many correct answers that day. He started off strong by correctly answering a question about football, but things quickly went downhill after that.

He only was able to answer correctly eight times during the game. He also happened to guess incorrectly a total of 10 times. Seeing as he was in the negatives, he was unable to even compete in the Final Jeopardy round.

“Matt, I’m afraid you took your swings. That’s a strategy. It didn’t always pay off. You were close so many times, but we’re gonna have to say goodbye to you here. You’ll finish in third place with $1,000,” the current host of the show Ken Jennings said to Matt King as the other contestants were heading to Final Jeopardy.

While his playing style didn’t work out for him, many fans respected the fact that he had a playing style at all. One Twitter user loved the fact that he tried to answer as much as possible. They wrote, “Matt went down swinging. I have to respect that.” 

Many contestants go in with unique strategies. For example, Matt Amodio answered questions each time with “What,” even if that was not correct in a grammatical sense. He ended up going on to win 38 consecutive games.

Worst Contestants to Appear on the Trivia Show

“Jeopardy!” has seen no shortage of contestants that sadly did not do their best on the studio stage.

Luckily for Matt King, he didn’t have the lowest score ever. While LeVar Burton was the host of the show in July one of the contestants broke the record for lowest “Jeopardy!” score in history.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Patrick Pearce was a product specialist from Fountain Valley, California. He ended up earning -$7,400. The previous bad record was held by Stephanie Hull for several years when she appeared on the show and earned -$6,800.

Although these contestants didn’t compete exactly how they probably wanted to, at least they got on the show at all. It’s exceptionally difficult to even land a spot on the popular trivia show.