‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Look Back on James Holzhauer’s Final Episode Strategy

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

James Holzhauer is a well-known game show contestant from his legendary “Jeopardy!” run. In fact, he is the third-highest-earning game show contestant in America with a 32-game winning streak. All of this success has earned him the name, “Jeopardy James.”

Even though his run ended years ago, Jeopardy fans are reflecting on the important decision that James Holzhauer made in his final episode. Some fans are still left confused by the decision while others are thoroughly explaining their opinion.

What James Holzhauer Fans are Saying About His Decision

As fans remember, James Holzhauer made a name for himself in the “Jeopardy!” game with his bold strategies. He bet big and won big. However, on his last episode, some fans think he switched up the strategy.

“He knew that Emma would bet enough to cover his all-in bet. Emma would not have made a goof like failing to cover after beating out the Jeopardy King,” Amal Dorai said. “So he knew he would not have to worry about Emma – if she got it right, she’d win anyways, and he knew the most money she’d end up with if she did get it wrong. Ultimately she got it right making his strategy moot, but he had 100% the right strategy unless he thought Emma was going to screw up the FJ wager.”

Another user gave some insights into what to do if you get the opportunity to compete on the show.

“If you ever get the call to go on Jeopardy!, here is the most important tip anyone will ever give you: Learn how to wager from the second place position going into FJ,” Opus-the-Penguin said. “Every year, literally DOZENS of contestants screw up their one and only chance by over-wagering on FJ in a game they could and should have won.”

How the 32-Day Winning Streak Finally Ended

As we all know, nothing lasts forever in life. And unfortunately, James Holzhauer experienced that in 2019 after he lost to Chicago librarian, Emma Boettcher during a round of Final Jeopardy.

According to TV Insider, Boettcher led the round with $26,600 while Holzhauer had $23,400. Both of the contestants guessed the answers in the Shakespeare category correctly, but there wasn’t enough points for Holzhauer to beat Boettcher. This caused his long-lasting streak to end, but second place isn’t a bad spot to be in.