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‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Spot One of the Biggest Mistakes in Show History

by Joe Rutland
Celebrity Jeopardy
(Eric McCandless via Getty Images)

Talk about a major-league boo-boo made on Wednesday’s Jeopardy! episode! It’s definitely one for the books. Imagine tuning into seeing contestants take their best shots at the board. But before they start playing, their final scores are on their podiums. As it turns out, the contestants’ final scores were accidentally shown at the top of the show. Host Mayim Bialik offered congrats to all three challengers for reaching the finals of Jeopardy!‘s High School Reunion Tournament.

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As it turns out, the three scores shown on the podiums at the start of the show matched the players’ final dollar amounts at the show’s end. Brown University student Justin Bolsen had won $13,570, Emory University’s Maya Wright collected $3,370, and Vanderbilt University’s Jackson Jones topped the evening with an even $24,000. TVLine reached out to a Jeopardy! representative for a comment on the situation.

So, Wednesday’s episode was the first half of the two-part High School Reunion Tournament finals. The tournament winner will be determined in Thursday night’s episode. That person will claim a $100,000 grand prize and an automatic spot in this fall’s 2023 Tournament of Champions.

Ken Jennings Will Return As ‘Jeopardy!’ Host On Friday, March 10

Ken Jennings will return on Friday, March 10, and retake the hosting duties. He will stay on as host until April 28. Bialik returns on May 1 and will stay as the show’s host for the remainder of Jeopardy!‘s 39th season. And this news is not being met with a lot of welcome fanfare. Fans, on the other hand, are upset that Bialik is getting all of this camera time.

“I want Ken full time…I don’t understand why they have the switch-a-roo thing that has no relevance because people miss half a season of Jeopardy! anyways,” one fan tweeted out. “So why can’t Ken be like the whole regular season, so we don’t miss half a season of Jeopardy! each year. Sense or not…” There were others using similar emotions or feelings about having Ken on there more. Another person wrote, “Nobody has as much contempt for their fanbase as the people who own Jeopardy.”

Meanwhile, there is news of a UK spin-off of the famed game show. Jennings had a response about it, too. “Nothing gives you imposter syndrome quite like sharing a job description with Stephen Fry…” Jennings wrote on Twitter. Stephen Fry will host the UK spin-off show. It will be another addition to his already lengthy resume’ of work in the entertainment world.