‘Jeopardy!’ Former Champ Calls Out ‘Wheel of Fortune’ for ‘Long Pause’ Rule

by Madison Miller

Even a “Jeopardy!” champion is picking a fight with “Wheel of Fortune.”

Alex Jacob appeared on “Jeopardy!” back in 2015 and has used his game show knowledge to comment on some “Wheel of Fortune” issues. Jacob had a pretty strong run on “Jeopardy!” as well, which gives him at least a little authority to talk about all this.

Recently, fans have been outraged over something that occurred on the show. “Wheel of Fortune” revealed a technicality that resulted in contestant Charlene Rubush not winning a car. She made it to the bonus round of the show and came up with the right guess. According to the show, however, she paused too long and no longer could walk away (or drive away, in this case) with that massive prize.

For viewers at home, they were all seemingly equally perplexed and even a bit outraged.

‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Calls Out ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Situation

That includes Jacob, who took to Twitter to share his opinion on it all. He wrote, “Come on @WheelofFortune, the woman literally chose the right word. Give her the car.”

During the show, Rubush has to solve the puzzle, “Choosing the right word.” She immediately states “Choosing the right” as soon as the timer begins. She stumbled trying to come up with that final “word.”

Right as the timer is about to run out, she screams out the correct answer. Pat Sajak then states, “This one is tough because, you know, you said all the right words. Including the word ‘word.’ As you know, it’s gotta be more continuous…”

Well, as it turns out, this is news to both the “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy!” community. Jacob even proceeded to send “Wheel of Fortune” a message on Twitter asking how many retweets it would take for them to give the contestant that Audi. The Twitter account did respond, stating that “we are reviewing this situation internally.”

“Now I’m wondering if she had just stretched out the word ‘riiiiiiiiiight,’ would that have counted as a continuous answer? I understand rules are rules but this seems like a particularly dumb rule. C’mon Wheel, it’s Christmas,” he also wrote on Twitter.

As for Rubush, it looks like she may get that Audi after all. Even if it doesn’t come from “Wheel of Fortune.” The Audi Twitter account wrote, “There’s no community like the Audi community. With your help, we tracked down Charlene! More to come as we help #GiveHerTheQ3.”

As for viewers, this seems like a win-win situation.

“#WheelofFortune that ruling should be over turned .. she was taking a breath…I guess you can’t do that these days..she should get the car.. Audi should award her the car..would be good marketing,” wrote one person on Twitter.

As for this new pausing rule, it’s unclear exactly when that has come into play in the popular game show.