‘Jeopardy!’: Here’s the Best Losing Score Ever Recorded on the Show

by John Jamison

We recently saw the lowest score ever recorded on Jeopardy! during LeVar Burton’s guest-hosting debut. We know James Holzhauer’s brand of high risk/high reward gameplay led to some of the highest single-day scores ever seen. But what do you know about the unfortunate soul who logged the biggest score ever only to come up short on the long-running game show?

Wednesday’s episode of Jeopardy! sparked the question in our minds. It was a thriller all the way through the last notes of the Final Jeopardy theme music. Many even took to the game show’s Instagram post, calling the game one of the best they’ve seen in years.

Andrew He and Dane Reighard went back and forth, wagering massive amounts on Daily Doubles and eventually nailing their Final Jeopardy responses. When all was said and done, Andrew walked away victorious. But it was anything but a decisive victory. The software developer from San Francisco took the win with a lead of just $2.

And these aren’t small amounts we’re talking about here. The Jeopardy! contestants’ final scores came in at $52,001 to $51,999. Believe it or not, Dane Reighard’s $50,000-plus finish isn’t the highest score to ever lose on the quiz show.

That title belongs to Adam Levin, who earned it going up against none other than the gambler himself, James Holzhauer. The game took place in May of 2019 and saw Levin rack up a total score of $53,999. It technically wasn’t as heartbreaking as Dane’s loss, as he came up $18 short. But c’mon, do those few bucks really make a difference?

It’s safe to say both high-scoring losing contestants were heartbroken by their losses. $50,000 can be a life-changing chunk of change, after all. But at least we won’t forget their names any time soon.

Are We Witnessing the Rise of Yet Another ‘Jeopardy!’ All-Star?

Jeopardy! fans recently had the privilege of witnessing Matt Amodio’s historic run. He turned in a mind-blowing 38-day win streak for a total of $1,518,601. His consecutive wins put him behind only the legend Ken Jennings, and his total winnings land him behind Jennings and James Holzhauer, who hauled in $2,520,700 during his 32 days as a contestant on the show.

But now, we may be seeing the birth of yet another Jeopardy! champion. Andrew He, the man who delivered Dane Reighard’s second-highest losing performance, has won more than $70,000 over the last two days. What’s more? He helped Tournament of Champions winner Sam Kavanaugh study.

Andrew He certainly has the makings of a formidable contestant.