’Jeopardy!’: Here’s When Fans Want Show to Announce TOC Date

by Jonathan Howard

As the year comes to a close there is one thing on Jeopardy! fans’ minds. When is the next Tournament of Champions going to be announced?

The TOC is the biggest event the show puts on. It is the March Madness of gameshow trivia. Seriously, it is the end all be all for Jeopardy! With current champion Amy Schneider in the midst of another long winning streak, it has fans wondering about the big one.

This season there have been a ton of great champions. Of course, there was Matt Amodio, but Jonathan Fisher and Schneider have proven that they could win a Tournament of Champions as well. Any contestants that won 5 games in a row qualify automatically. Then, the rest of the posts are filled out by other multi-day champions until the field is set.

Fans on Reddit wondered when the next one would be announced. The original poster said, “I really feel like this want for me to get the TOC as soon as Amy loses hinges upon two reasons: the three-game champions currently in the running, and any future champions.” After a long spiel, they asked others to chime in.

Reddit Fans Wonder When TOC Will Be Announced

In the replies, there were some good guesses and ideas out there. Some Jeopardy! Redditors were thinking back to when James Holzhauer was competing and when they announced it back then. Right after he lost.

“If memory serves me right a TOC was announced soon after James lost, so we might see something similar here,” 44problems said.

Generationhatred replied, “Executive producer Davies mentioned how excited he is for the TOC in his note and how they have massive plans. Could be a hint at things to come of which you’ve mentioned. I’m also unsure what they’ll do in regards to the [National College Championship], or if whoever wins that will be in the running for the TOC or not. It could be entirely separate since it’s primetime, but maybe not.”

The National College Championship will take place in February. It is the first such tournament. Mayim Bialik is set to host. So fans shouldn’t expect a Jeopardy! TOC in January. Perhaps next summer?

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Worried About ABC on YouTube TV

If you haven’t noticed you probably don’t have YouTube TV, but there have been 15 channels pulled from the streaming service. Disney and the Google company couldn’t reach an agreement. So, that means channels like ESPN, National Geographic, and ABC will not be available.

Without ABC, Jeopardy! fans are going to be without their favorite show for a while. There is no timeline for when the channels will return. A classic contract dispute that consumers will feel the brunt of.