‘Jeopardy’ Host Ken Jennings Hilariously Says He Has This in Common With the Beatles

by Jonathan Howard

Ever since the new Beatles documentary dropped, there has been a lot of discourse online, even in the Jeopardy! world.

Ken Jennings, GOAT and current host, had to get in on the topic of the week. There were so many opinions about the documentary, the band, and each member. Not everyone is a big fan of the British superstars. To each their own.

However, it looks like everyone had to give a comment or story about the band. That includes Jennings. It seems like we have all been doing our best to put out every opinion we can on the matter. Social media tends to do that to folks. The Jeopardy! personality cracked a joke about the phenomenon.

The Beatles Get Back had a lot of power over the discourse in the last week on Twitter. Even in the replies to Jennings’ tweet, folks couldn’t stop giving their takes on the band and the docuseries. There is something about the band that makes people debate over how great or overrated they were. It is bizarre to have that discussion for one of the most influential music acts to ever exist.

This is the latest Twitter joke from the Jeopardy! host and former contestant. He often posts one-liners and dad jokes for his followers to enjoy.

Ken Jennings Throws it Back to 1989 With Dad Joke

There have been a lot of music jokes from Jennings lately. He is always quick with the Twitter fingers. Lisa Stansfield is a name that many people haven’t thought of for a bit. Her big hit, All Around the World took the charts by storm and made it to No. 3 on the Hot 100.

Since then, the song has been sampled and remixed and will live on in pop culture for years to come. The GOAT of Jeopardy! gave people a refresher with his joke the other day. “Been around the world, and I-yi-yi-yi-I can’t emphasize this enough. I can’t find my baby,” he tweeted.

Not many folks caught onto the joke, but for those that understood it, it was a slap to the brain. One of those moments that jogs your memory and pulls those long-lost thoughts from the past to the forefront of your mind. Fairly niche, but still hilarious.

There’s more where that came from especially if Jennings stays on as host.

‘Jeopardy!’ Is Ken Jennings Here to Stay?

The jokes are plentiful, but let’s talk business for a second. He has been hosting for just about a month straight now. While Mayim Bialik is set to host the big tournaments coming up, Jennings has taken the reigns on the regular show.

Jeopardy! seems to be humming right along with Ken behind the podium. It would make sense to see him return after the New Year. If he doesn’t, who else is going to fill in that spot? With all the changes this year, producers are likely hoping to keep some kind of consistency on the show moving forward.