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‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Hilariously Wonders if Canada Is Becoming Birthplace of Elite Contestants

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

“Jeopardy!” host Ken Jennings joked about Canada becoming the “birthplace” of superstar contestants on the trivia show.

Ken Jennings brought up the topic because the current 9-day “Jeopardy!” champion, Mattea Roach, comes from Canada. She’s one of several Canadian connections to the show, which Jennings listed in a hilarious clip of tonight’s episode posted to the “Jeopardy!” Twitter page.

“Our reigning champion, Mattea Roach, hails from Canada,” Ken Jennings begins in the “Jeopardy!” video. “A country known for its mounties, moose, maple syrup, poutine, ketchup chips, ice hockey, curling, tobogganing, the Northern Lights, Niagra Falls, Celine Dion, Ryan Reynolds, Norm Macdonald, our beloved Alex Trebek, of course, and even one of our ‘Jeopardy!’ head writers, Billy Wisse.”

He continued, “Could this neighbor to the north, a land that has given the world so much, also become revered as the birthplace of elite ‘Jeopardy!’ superstars? The nine-game streak of our law-school tutor would certainly seem to argue the case.”

See the full video featuring Ken Jennings and Mattea Roach on “Jeopardy!” for yourself below.

But Jennings isn’t wrong. Roach’s impressive run so far showcases some stellar talent from the northern country. If Roach wins tonight, she’ll become one of the few contestants to win double digits games. A feat that Ken Jennings accomplished on “Jeopardy!” almost 20 years ago.

Her win streak also means that the Canadian will compete in the upcoming Tournament of Champions. Roach will compete against some fierce competition, including 11-day champ Jonathan Fisher, 7-day champ Courtney Shah, and 7-day champ Brian Chang. And of course, we can’t forget Season 38’s two powerhouse winners, Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio. Schneider won 40 games and amassed $1.3 million, while Amodio won 38 games and earned $1.5 million.

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings and Champ Mattea Roach Talks ‘Forbidden Wagers’

Since Ken Jennings won 74-games on “Jeopardy!”, the rules have changed slightly. Jennings brought up one change in particular back in 2019. He tweeted about making small, sizable wagers on the game show, to which one fan commented, “Personally I liked how you wagered $69 on every final jeopardy.”

Ken Jennings replied, “This is officially forbidden on Jeopardy now, as of last year (2018). Not even joking.”

We’re not surprised that “Jeopardy!” enacted this rule, given the “spicy” nature of the number. And $69 isn’t the only forbidden wager. Mattea Roach took to her own Twitter account to share another banned number: $420. A number that many associate with cannabis.

“You’re not allowed to wager $420 on Jeopardy,” Roach wrote. “But you ARE allowed to SAY ‘420’ if it’s the correct response to a clue in the “Number Words” category. Legal in both Canada and California!”

Other forbidden wagers include $666, $14, $88, and $1488. the number “666” is commonly associated with the devil, while the other three are associated with the 14 words white supremacist slogan.