‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Is ‘Canyon Living’ in Hilarious New Video

by Anna Dunn

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik just posted a funny new video of herself experiencing some of the quirks of “Canyon Living.” The host ran into trouble after ordering some tables, because an animal left them a little gift.

Bialik and friends found the boxes torn open, pooped on, and saw a discarded plant right next to them. Additionally, in the video, they wonder what on earth left their boxes like this and if it was still around. Also, It’s obviously not the focal point of the video, but the laser unicorn doormat really adds something.

“We were just trying to get the tables we ordered. This is canyon living, people. Lol..” the host wrote.

Bialik is now temporarily hosting Jeopardy! She was a guest host and was then promoted to host the show‘s specials. But when the appointment of a new permanent host Mike Richards caused a scandal, Richards was removed and now Bialik is filling in as the host until they can find someone to permanently fill the position. She’s an interim host alongside former Champ and former guest host Ken Jennings.

The ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Recently Raised Awareness for Charities that Are Important to Her

Bialik recently used her birthday to promote some causes. The host and former Big Bang Theory actress offered thanks for the birthday wishes before using her platform to promote various charities. This followed the disaster in the midwest and south earlier this month when a slew of storms and tornados caused multiple fatalities.

She promoted charities that were helping out like Red Cross, World Vision USA, and Together rising.

On top of her birthday message, she’s also passionate about animal rights. In a recent tweet, Bialik gathered funs for some bears that are suffering in Vietnam.

“Many moon bears are languishing on bile farms in Vietnam. Please join me and @AnimalsAsia to end this cruel trade: #RaiseYourPaw and sign the #MoonBearPledgehttp://animalsasia.org/MoonBearPledge . Together, let’s make history, end bear bile farming, and rescue these beautiful bears,” she wrote.

Bialik is still a huge part of Jeopardy! programming. And her dedication to causes is in spirit with the nature of the show, which is constantly raising money for different charities especially to do with education.

Jeopardy! has also had a lot of great contestants on recently. Amy Schneider is currently dominating the competition and is closing out the tumultuous year for Jeopardy! Schneider recently became the first openly transgender Jeopardy! contestant to qualify for the tournament of champions. She’s also become the top female earner in Jeopardy! history and her winning streak is ongoing.

Additionally, with hosts like Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings at the wheel and contestants like Amy Schneider bringing their all, fans are finally able to focus on the competition again.