‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Honors Bob Saget’s ‘Full House’ on Sitcom Set

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

The sudden passing of comedy and sitcom legend Bob Saget has rocked folks all across the country. One of those folks was Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik, who took to her personal Instagram to share a beautiful sentiment about the late actor and his iconic show Full House. The Jeopardy! host honored Bob Saget with the poster of the iconic cast that she revealed hanging behind her in the hair room on the set of her show.

For the caption, Mayim Bialik wrote, “This hangs outside of our hair room on stage. Feels a whole lot sadder to look at now.”

Fans loved the sentiment by Bialik. One fan wrote in the comments, “Ever since the sad news I have been wanting to rewatch full house.”

Another fan wrote, “Sad news to start 2022. Great memories of him and his programs”

Bob Saget Interview with ET

The late Bob Saget was known for his iconic roles, but he was also known for his love of his family and his friends. The late actor told ET in 2020, “I’ve got to live forever, I’ve got three daughters and a wife and a life, I can’t die.” He continued, “I don’t know what to do. I’ve got to live forever.”

His sudden passing was heartbreaking for so many folks who loved him personally or professionally.

When asked about Full House and the cast’s relationship he said, “We all need to be an example for what we wish the world to be which is, you know, caring about other people… When you care about somebody, especially now I’m finding you got to let them know, you got to reach out, and then it’s nice to get that heart emoji back or whatever you get back.”

His approach was finding light and passing it along to other people. Saget and the cast cared about each other deeply. They show exemplified those values of caring about one another and how important that is. It permeated into the friendship and relationship between the rest of the cast.

He concluded, “I think most people don’t reread my texts. That’s why I like the texts where you send a heart and then you screen slam it or the whole screen fills with hearts. That’s like that one moment of, ‘Oh, I’m getting pixie dust with a heart!’ So you know that’s when texting is good.”

Saget was always a funny guy, and he had fun texting with his friends. From the interview, you can tell that the cast really meant a lot to Saget and that the cast shared that sentiment and will miss him always and forever.