‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Ribs Current Champ Matt Amodio: ‘You’re Never Going to Have a Friend Again’

by Madison Miller

After being on the show for 24 consecutive episodes, the crew, viewers, and the many hosts of “Jeopardy!” are pretty used to the star competitor Matt Amodio’s antics.

In fact, it seems like Amodio and current guest host, Mayim Bialik, have a pretty healthy banter going on. Last night, Amodio won for the 24th time in a row. He is now in third place for most consecutive wins on “Jeopardy!” right behind other legends like Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer.

His current earnings sit at $857,001 during his ongoing streak. Despite the drama and constant host changes, nothing is getting in the way of Amodio and his amazing streak so far. He’s so enamored by the game that Amodio admits to his friends playfully teasing him.

After Amodio won the show Tuesday night, the three contestants and Bialik all reminisced about a childhood book together written by Beatrix Potter. Bialik asks what the name of the garden from the book was conversationally and Matt Amodio says, “Is that also a clue?”

Bialik playfully snaps back with “that was just conversational, not everything is a clue.” Amodio then admits that his “friends keep telling me that, but I keep interrupting.”

At that point, Mayim Bialik hilariously jumps in and says, “Oh, you’re never gonna have a friend again, Matt.” The entire group laughs at the playful joke.

It made some “Jeopardy!” fans believe that she is the perfect person for the job. One person wrote, “She is just right for this!!!!!!” She is able to hold a level of professionalism and detachment, allowing the contestants to be the star of the show, but also a good amount of fun personality as well.

Matt Amodio Takes All the Jabs

Mayim Bialik isn’t the first person to take a playful, or even not so playful, jab at the current “Jeopardy!” celebrity.

Many social media users have long pointed out, and hated, the fact the Amodio answers every clue with “What is” instead of the proper, grammatically correct way.

Meanwhile, former champion James Holzhauer made sure he got the chance to take a jab at Amodio as well. Holzhauer admitted that he’s been too busy to watch the show, amidst his football betting career and time on “The Chase.”

“I haven’t been watching the show at all — too busy seeing just how much the Vikings kicker can cost me — so I can’t offer commentary on Matt’s play. I hear he is crushing it, and I’m sure he’ll be a formidable opponent if we ever get to face off,” he wrote in an email to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Despite not following his streak closely, Holzhauer still made the time to poke fun at Amodio. He wrote on Twitter this past Monday, “When you order something online vs. when it arrives.” He included a side-by-side photo of each of them playing “Jeopardy!”

He may be teasing him, but Amodio is slowly catching up to his 32-game streak and $2.46 million earning. Although, Holzhauer did earn almost a million more back when he hit the 23-day mark.