‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Shouts Out Amy Schneider’s ‘Historic and Absolutely Beautiful’ Win Streak

by Leanne Stahulak

“Jeopardy!” guest host Mayim Bialik sent a shoutout to Amy Schneider, whose record-breaking run on the game show came to an end last night.

After winning 40 consecutive games, Schneider fell last night to a librarian from Chicago named Rhone Talsma. Though she led the game going into the “Final Jeopardy!” round, Schneider could not come up with an answer for the “Countries in the World.”

Schneider handled her loss with the same dignity and class she exuded during the show. She broke dozens of records but remained as humble as ever up until the end. Several in the “Jeopardy!” world congratulated Schneider on her many accomplishments and amazing representation for the LGBTQ community.

Bialik, who never got a chance to host for Schneider, sent her congratulations early last night after the loss was broadcast.

“Congratulations @Jeopardamy for your historic and absolutely beautiful run on @Jeopardy! You have inspired so many with your brilliance, your eloquence, and your absolute awesomeness. I salute you! #AmySchneider#Jeopardamy#Jeopardy#RepresentationMatters,” Bialik captioned her tweet. She also included a photo of Schneider on the “Jeopardy!” stage.

‘Jeopardy!’ GOAT Ken Jennings Congratulates Amy Schneider on 40-Day Run

Mayim Bialik isn’t the only “Jeopardy!” guest host to congratulate Amy Schneider. Ken Jennings, who guest hosted all 40 of Schneider’s game, sent out a special message to the former champion after her loss broadcasted. The post was doubly meaningful considering Schneider only had Jennings’ record left to beat, at 74 games.

“Of all the Jeopardy! greats, I’ve never seen anyone that played the game with the kind of unflappable ease that Amy Schneider always seemed to have,” he says in a Twitter post.

Jennings also included a photo of him and Schneider standing together on the “Jeopardy!” stage. He holds up one finger while she holds up two, representing the fact that they’re first and second respectively on the leaderboard.

Jennings has held the number one spot for over 15 years. This is the first time any contestant has won 40 games since he played, but Schneider still couldn’t quite catch up to Jennings’ iconic run. She already made history, though, by beating James Holzhauer’s 32 game record, which he set in 2019. And she also dethroned Matt Amdoio, who a few short months ago held the number two spot with 38 games.

Amodio’s now sits at number three for the consecutive wins leaderboard. He also sits at three for the record for highest winning during regular season play. Schneider couldn’t quite catch up to Amodio, Holzhauer, or Jennings in that respect. She ended her 40-day run with $1,382,800, not quite reaching Amodio’s $1,5618, 601.

Stay tuned to see if Rhone Talsma, the contestant who dethroned Schneider, starts his own impressive win streak or falls to another “Jeopardy!” contestant later this week.