‘Jeopardy!’: How Does Amy Schneider Stack Up Against Past Champs Like Ken Jennings?

by Jonathan Howard

Well, it looks like Jeopardy! still has its champion. Amy Schneider has now won 18 games in a row and has racked up a ton of money in the process.

So, how does the champ stack up against the GOATs? She’s making history every night and that means that we should have the conversation about where she could rank among the greats. This has been a great year for the show with multiple long-term winners including Matt Amodio.

With her 18th win, Schneider has now won more money than any woman ever on the show. The Oakland resident has now won $706,000 in total. All-time, that puts her fourth among all competitors. Already this run she has made history multiple times.

Back when she won her fifth game, which seems forever ago, Schneider became the first transgender contestant to qualify for the Tournament of Champions. Since then, she has proved time and again that she is one of the best to ever play Jeopardy!

If Amy wins just two more games, she will tie Julia Collins for the most wins ever by a woman. Win 21 would give her the record to herself. The only contestants ahead of her in all-time winnings are Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, and Amodio.

‘Jeopardy’ Champ Average Winnings Stack Up

Right now, there are three contestants that are definitely ranked ahead of Schneider. With each game that she wins, that conversation changes. However, at 18 wins, she has a long way to go to catch Holzhauer, Amodio, and Jennings.

32 wins, 38 wins, and 74 wins are a lot different than 18 or even 20 for that matter. However, when it comes to average winnings per game, Schneider stacks up with the best of the best. Her average of $39,266 per game is better than Amodio and Jennings. However, Holzhauer’s record of $76,944 remains untouched.

Amy Schneider on Historic Run

In the midst of her historic run, Amy Schneider talked about what she hopes her time on the show will do for fans. While she’s doing all of the historic wins and winning all of that money, her platform on Jeopardy! is also important to her.

“I am so incredibly grateful,” she said to KGO. “Hopefully I can send a positive message to the nerdy trans girl who wants to be on the show too.”

When Schneider broke the record for total winnings, the former record holder, Larissa Kelly, gave the champ a shoutout. “Well, it was fun to hold a Jeopardy! record for a few years…but it’s been even more fun to watch [Amy] set new standards for excellence, on the show and off.”

In response, Schneider said, “I’ve been watching the show since I was a kid. I’ve watched all the people on this list, and to see my name up with them is a very good feeling.”

Her Jeopardy! journey continues.