‘Jeopardy!’: How Does Amy Schneider Compare to Other Recent Champs?

by Madison Miller

It’s the season of champions over on “Jeopardy!”

It’s been a historic season for the long-standing trivia show as a number of contestants have earned outstanding amounts of money and have had memorable streaks on the program.

One of which is currently on a hot “Jeopardy!” streak as we speak. Amy Schneider has won 11 games so far and will continue for her 12th win on tonight’s show. She will go up against Sinnott Martin and Jessica Morgan.

Comparing Top ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants This Season

Given her massive success on the show so far, how does Schneider’s time on “Jeopardy!” compare to other champions? She has a total of $421,200 in earnings so far.

Perhaps the most famous contestant on “Jeopardy!” for a very long time is Matt Amodio. His streak actually extended into two separate seasons of the popular show as well as a number of different guest hosts. He had a total of 38 consecutive games won, an astounding 1,299 correct answers, and a massive $1,518,601 jackpot from his time on the show.

He set records during his long time on “Jeopardy!” He now has the second-highest winning streak in show history far behind Ken Jennings, but just ahead of James Holzhauer. Meanwhile, he is also now the third-highest earning player in show history.

“To see myself on this stage at all was an honor. And everything that’s happened since, I just can’t fathom,” Amodio said at the end of his streak, according to the official “Jeopardy!” site.

After Amodio was Jonathan Fisher, the man who actually dethroned Amodio. He was able to win a total of 11 consecutive games and earned $246,100. Fisher is infamous for defeating one of the best “Jeopardy!” contestants in history and proceeding to have his own amazing winning streak.

That means that Fisher and Schneider are currently tied with the same number of consecutive wins. If she wins tonight, Schneider will be the more successful champion. Despite having the same number of successful games under their belt, Schneider has nearly double the earnings compared to Fisher. Amodio, on the other hand, has over a million more in earnings compared to both contestants.

Amy Schneider Message to Viewers

In addition to being an epic competitor, Amy Schneider is also sending a very important message to viewers at home.

The engineering manager became the first openly transgender contestant on “Jeopardy!” to qualify for the prestigious Tournament of Champions. You qualify for this after achieving five wins on the show.

“I am so incredibly grateful. Hopefully, I can send a positive message to the nerdy trans girl who wants to be on the show too … I’m not going to pretend I didn’t think I could do good, but this is just so much better than I thought I would do,” Schneider said during an interview with KGO-TV.

Schneider said she’s also hoping to beat Holzhauer’s 32-game streak from 2019.