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‘Jeopardy!’: How You Can Win an Expenses-Paid Alaskan Expedition by Following the Show

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

With all of the good things that viewers have been doing for Jeopardy! lately, it is nice that the show is giving back with a sweepstakes.

Over the years, Wheel of Fortune has been famous for all of the gifts, trips, and goodies they give away. However, Jeopardy! is planning something big. There is a big, expenses-paid trip to Alaska. This isn’t just any trip either, this will be done in conjunction with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic.

One lucky fan each day this week will win the expedition. It will be an 8-day trip drifting along the Alaskan coastline on a small ship. Taking in the landscapes, nature, animals (from a safe distance), and all the good stuff the outdoors has to offer in Alaska. Jeopardy! has gone all out for this trip.

If it sounds like something you want to be a part of, then it’s easy to qualify. You just have to tune in to the show each day from January 17-28. From there, take the Final Jeopardy! category from the show of the day, and use it to answer the poll at this website. Fans will need to be paying attention and make sure they are able to get the last category title.

‘Jeopardy!’ Ratings Are Up

The game show has been doing pretty well in recent weeks. Champion Amy Schneider has taken the ratings to new heights during her streak. In the last week of December, the numbers really pop out. When it came to all non-sports-related programming on broadcast and Cable TV, Jeopardy! reigned supreme.

The show was able to pull in 9.7 million viewers per episode the week of December 27. That is an absolute eye-popping number. The show was so successful that it even surpassed Yellowstone which usually tops the charts when it comes to ratings.

Schneider’s streak is good for business that much is clear. As she continues to win games, history keeps being made. There are a number of benchmarks she has passed, but there are still some big ones that she has yet to take down.

Amy Schneider Win Streak Continues

Tonight, Schneider won her 34th game in a row. That brings her streak one game closer to Matt Amodio’s 38-game streak. That mark is second-best all-time. Ken Jennings has the record for the most wins at 74. Jennings also holds the record for most money won, at just over $2.5 million.

Jeopardy! is at its best when there is a dominant champion. While it is fun to see new champs and new contestants each week, it’s like watching an athlete at the top of their game dominate on the court or field. Amy Schneider makes the game fun, and even those that want her to lose will tune in to see if their wishes come true. However, it doesn’t seem that will happen any time soon.