‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Matt Amodio Reflects on Dating Difficulties

by Leanne Stahulak

“Jeopardy!” legend Matt Amodio is living his best life post-game show, though he expected his popularity to die down after his loss.

Earlier this week, Amodio published an article with Newsweek that detailed different aspects of his journey after the end of his 38-day run. He made headlines for breaking all kinds of records on the game show, but unfortunately, Amodio lost during his 39th consecutive game.

But in the month and a half since then, Amodio’s online popularity has gone up, not done. Even his dating life has spiced up a little bit, per the article.

“It is weird to have celebrity status there. I’m not used to the fact that, during the ice breaker stage, the other person has access to hours of television footage of me and a Wikipedia page to look at,” Amodio explained. “I’ve expressed opinions on Twitter that I would normally make three minutes of conversation about on a date, but now dates are like, ‘I’ve already heard that what else have you got?’

Sounds like the pressure’s on. Anyone can attest to the fact that first dates are almost always stressful and slightly awkward as you try to get to know more about a person. But what else is there to know about “Jeopardy!” champion Matt Amodio that you can’t find out online?

“But it has been nice to get back into it,” Amodio continued. “I do feel like I’m more confident and more able to be myself because of all this fame and success. It has bolstered my internal view of myself and, I imagine that might make me funnier and easier to be around, too. No one wants to be around a ball of nerves on a date!”

He’s got that right. Being comfortable with yourself is an important first step when trying to break the ice with someone new.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Matt Amodio Gives Shoutout to ‘Amodio Rodeo’

In-person dates aside, Amodio’s also become super popular on Twitter, gaining a massive 52,000 followers since his “Jeopardy!” run. Many of those fans belong to his personal fan club, the “Amodio Rodeo,” who he talked about in the article.

“I am aware that there is a group of lively female members of the ‘Amodio Rodeo’ on Twitter. But again, I am flattered. I’m also extremely entertained,” Amodio wrote. “Some of my fans are just hilarious; they’re very smart people making it a fun time for everybody.”

He continued, “The Twitter marriage proposals are continuing at about the same frequency as they were before, but I haven’t received any in person. And, I would need to know a bit more about Twitter fans before diving into anything romantic. A profile picture of a cartoon from the 2000s doesn’t really tell you much about a person!”

Could we be hearing about a future Mrs. Matt Amodio pretty soon? Stay tuned, Outsiders.