‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Matt Amodio Reveals Advice On Not Getting ‘Spooked’

by Thad Mitchell

It’s been a couple of months since his historic “Jeopardy!” run came to an end, but Matt Amodio is still on the minds of game show watchers.

Matt Amodio thrilled “Jeopardy!” watchers with his sharp intellect and unorthodox way of answering clues. Amodio went on an incredible winning streak earlier this year that stretched from summer into fall. He won 38 consecutive “Jeopardy!” episodes before he was defeated by Jonathan Fisher. It is the second-longest consecutive winning streak by a contestant on the game show. “Jeopardy!” icon Ken Jennings holds the top spot on that list, racking up 74 straight wins in 2004.

On more than a few occasions, Amodio says he idolizes Ken Jennings, who is largely considered the greatest game show champion of all time. The two champions have had some entertaining social media banter. Jennings is now employed by “Jeopardy!” which means we will never get to see him and Amodio go head to head in the game of intellect.

Earlier today, Amodio took to social media to provide a tip to future “Jeopardy!” contestants. He says it is important to keep your cool, even when things aren’t going your way. He was replying to a video clip showing the most recent “Jeopardy!” episode.

“Even if one or two go the wrong way, don’t let it spook you!” he says in the social media post.

Amy Schnieder, an engineering manager from Oakland, California, is the reigning “Jeopardy!” champion. She’s built a nice streak of her own and currently sits at nine straight wins. She has a ways to go before catching Amodio but her wins have come in impressive fashion. She has won more than $300,000 during her winning streak.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Matt Amodio Could Return for Tournament

The annual Tournament of Champions is quickly approaching and expectations are for Amodio to be there. Jonathan Fisher, the contestant who ended Amodio’s streak, is also expected to compete. “Jeopardy!” fans can’t wait to see the rematch between the fierce competitors.

Now back to reality, Amodio is enjoying the fruits of his labor and sudden celebrity status. During his “Jeopardy!” winning streak, he won more than $1.5 million. He says he plans to save the money and hopes he never has to touch it.

“Boring answer — but I’m going to save it,” he said in a recent interview. “My goal is to not need to touch a penny anytime soon.”

He also plans on getting his game show fix by participating in area trivia competitions.

“I know going into every bar trivia game that I play that I’m going to come in with a little intimidation factor,” he says.

It’s the kind of humor that made him a favorite among “Jeopardy” fans.