‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Matt Amodio Reveals Biggest Regret on the Show

by John Jamison

Jeopardy! star Matt Amodio is enjoying his newfound celebrity. He figured his all-time performance on the long-running game show would be a flash in the pan. He was wrong, and being wrong may have never felt so good. The popularity he’s found in the wake of his 38-day, $1.5 million run is great. But even his historic achievement leaves a lot to be desired.

In his own words, the newly minted Jeopardy! legend explained his biggest regret from the time he spent on the show. All he wanted to do was last long enough to play across from the all-timer, Ken Jennings.

Unfortunately, his run ended before Jennings took over as host. And we know it’s not the same thing as playing the game with the icon at the podium, but Amodio mentioning it as a regret will likely go a long way toward him meeting Jennings.

Matt Amodio wrote a piece for Newsweek recently, detailing some aspects of his life following his Jeopardy! appearance.

“I loved being on Jeopardy! but one of the biggest regrets I have is missing out on meeting Ken Jennings. If I had kept winning a little bit, I would have made some more money and had some more fame, but really, I would have gotten to meet Ken as host. That’s always going to be hard,” writes Amodio.

He says he’s “holding out hope” for meeting Ken Jennings in the future. And everything we know about Jennings—with his involvement in the Jeopardy! world—tells us Matt Amodio will bump into him sooner rather than later.

Ken Jennings’ approval goes a long way for contestants like Matt Amodio. And it may not be a meeting, but Jennings knows who Matt is.

With Celebrity Comes A Busy Dating Life, Says the ‘Jeopardy!’ Star

Matt Amodio is glad that he’s getting back to his studies and a semblance of his everyday life. However, he can’t deny the boost of confidence Jeopardy! gave him. Combine that with his recognizable face, and the graduate student’s dating life has taken off.

But it’s not all for the best. Amodio finds that he’s not necessarily starting on a level playing field with dates. After all, he spent weeks as the face of Jeopardy!, and even though it’s a game show, it’s a surprisingly intimate setting where contestants often reveal a lot about themselves.

“I’m not used to the fact that, during the ice breaker stage, the other person has access to hours of television footage of me and a Wikipedia page to look at. I’ve expressed opinions on Twitter that I would normally make three minutes of conversation about on a date, but now dates are like, ‘I’ve already heard that what else have you got?'” Amodio continued writing.