‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Matt Amodio Says He Still Feels Like ‘Active’ Part of Community

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Although Matt Amodio’s legendary”Jeopardy!” run came to an end a month and a half ago, he still remains “active” in the community for many reasons.

Primarily, he confessed, because of his fans. Amodio gained a huge following after winning 38 straight games and setting a new record for the second-highest number of consecutive wins. He beat out James Holzhauer’s 2019 record and only had Ken Jennings’ record to beat at 74 games. Unfortunately, Amodio lost his 39th game on Oct. 11.

But the “Jeopardy!” legend’s popularity hasn’t declined. If anything, it’s stronger than ever before. And he’s grateful to fans for keeping him in the loop despite his loss.

Amodio took to Twitter earlier this week to share an article he wrote for Newsweek and a general message for fans who have supported him all this time.

“It’s technically the beginning of my ‘[email protected]’ life, but thanks to you all in this community, I feel like I’m still an active part of the #Jeopardy world!” Amodio captioned his post.

We’re happy to see him still active in the “Jeopardy!” community. Amodio made a big impact on the game show’s fans, contestants, and even guest hosts. He turned the season around after a disastrous start with the permanent host position and gave fans someone to root for. Not to mention the fact that he’s just a nice guy all around.

But Amodio really downplays the fact that a lot of fans and contestants keep him in the “Jeopardy!” community because he’s not afraid to interact with them online.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Matt Amodio Doesn’t Mind Being Interactive on Twitter

Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer might be active on Twitter. But they’re not always necessarily as interactive as Matt Amodio is with “Jeopardy!” fans. His tweets and replies tab is chock full of messages to several people he comes across. Some are joking and others are sincerely thank you’s for kind words.

At one point in his Newsweek article, Amodio addressed this tendency to be interactive with his fanbase.

 “I’ve heard people say that someone of my celebrity has never been so interactive on Twitter,” Amodio wrote. “But it’s so easy for me to take three seconds and type a response to somebody who says something nice.”

Three seconds of his time? No big deal. That’s what keeps Amodio in the “Jeopardy!” community too. Not just that 52,000 fans continue to follow him after he lost, but that he actively communicates with any and all of those 52k fans.

We can’t wait to see Amodio on our screens again when it’s time for the Tournament of Champions next year. Until then, we’ll satisfy our Amodio-cravings by watching “Jeopardy!” reruns from this season.