‘Jeopardy!’ Icon James Holzhauer Congratulates Matt Amodio with Hilarious Back-handed Compliment

by Joe Rutland

With Matt Amodio keeping his “Jeopardy!” win streak alive on Friday, James Holzhauer offered his congratulations on Twitter.

Funny, though, that what Holzhauer said is, well, a rather back-handed compliment.

Take a look at what the “Jeopardy!” icon wrote on Friday.

But he wasn’t quite done after that tweet. He followed it up by saying, “Still haven’t seen anyone hit one for more than $2.46MM though. Stay hungry!”

Amodio added his 33rd “Jeopardy!” win on Friday afternoon. The episode was shown in markets around the United States.

That win streak beats Holzhauer’s 32-game victorious run.

‘Jeopardy!’ Past Champion Will Watch and See What Amodio Does In The Future

In his 32 appearances on “Jeopardy!”, Holzhauer won more than $2.4 million. That made him the second-highest, non-tournament money winner behind one of the show’s GOATs in Ken Jennings.

For his efforts, he earned the nickname “Jeopardy James.”

Amodio will return on Monday and looks to extend his victory streak. He is reaching some rarified air on “Jeopardy!” so fans can watch and see if Amodio can get near Jennings’ marks.

Mayim Bialik is hosting “Jeopardy!” right now yet Jennings will join her as a co-host in November.

Show’s Fans Head Over To Reddit And Question What He Needs To Do to Join Elite

The show’s fans are watching Amodio with great intent. Over on Reddit, they are wondering what the young man needs to do so he can join Holzhauer and Jennings in the elite crowd.

“How many games does Matt need to win to be considered ‘better’ than James?” one fan of the show asked. “James’ single game money records and average winnings are orders of magnitude more impressive than Matt’s. James has 2 wins above $130,000, and 6 above $100,000.”

Another fan wrote on Reddit, “He (Holzhauer) has the top 17 single-game records and 19 appearances on the list before Matt’s highest win of $74,000. Matt is currently averaging almost $37,000 per win. James averaged almost $77,000.”

Amodio has passed Holzhauer for second-most wins on the show. Still, fans can look at “Jeopardy James” and see one of the show’s top champs.

What about Amadio’s earnings?

He has more than $1.2 million to his credit. But that puts him in third place for total winnings. Holzhauer pocketed more than $2.4 million in his 32 games. Meanwhile, in 74 games, Jennings earned more than $2.5 million.

Amodio is well aware of those predecessors.

“Ken’s always been the face of Jeopardy! to me, so when I think of Jeopardy! I think of him,” Amodio said. “To be right behind him is a surreal experience.”

So, fans of the game show will have to tune in on Monday and see if he can continue to rack up victories.