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‘Jeopardy!’ Legend James Holzhauer Says ‘Thanks for the Memories’ To Tom Brady

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Legendary NFL player Tom Brady has reportedly decided to retire after 22 years in the NFL. Icons all over the globe are sending him good thoughts and well-wishes for the future ahead. As a matter of fact, the Jeopardy! legend, James Holzhauer re-shared a tweet from Brady a few years ago. In the caption of the tweet, Holzhauer said, “Thanks for the memories.”

Check it out below:

Holzhauer is a big NFL fan and had to take the opportunity to relive the moment with Brady.

Other Famous Icons React to Tom Brady’s Retirement

James Holzhauer isn’t the only one who reacted to Tom Brady’s retirement.

With the recent news of Tom Brady retiring from the NFL, other NFL players have a lot to say about the decision. One of his former teammates on the New England Patriots, Julian Edelman shared his thoughts on Twitter, according to News Channel 8. In the tweet, Edelman said, “Thanks for the memories, babe.”

Soon after, the Kansas City Chiefs G.O.A.T, Patrick Mahomes shared his feelings for this news on Twitter. He didn’t say much in the caption other than a goat emoji. Even though they’re both very competitive athletes, they had a lot of fun playing against each other. And Mahomes is honoring this legends time in the NFL.

However, shortly after the news broke, Brady’s agent and father began refuting the retirement reports.

“Tom Brady Sr. tells @kron4news that his son is not retiring,” Kron4 sports anchor Kylen Mills announced on Twitter. “Brady Sr. says an online publication started circulating an unsubstantiated rumor. However a number of NFL insiders are now reporting it.”

All in all, Tom Brady had a legendary career over the last 22 years. Fans will have to wait and see for what’s next for Brady.

James Holzhauer Throws Some Shade at Ken Jennings

After the latest Jeopardy! episode, James Holzhauer threw some shade towards host Ken Jennings. Throughout his Jeopardy! journey, he knows it’s not easy to get to where he is today. But, he’s still proud of Amy Schneider’s success on the game show. While congratulating Schneider via Twitter, he also dissed Jennings in the same tweet.

For example, James Holzhauer said, “Made @KenJennings watchable.” However, we know that Holzhauer didn’t mean anything bad by this roast. After all, they are usually seen roasting each other on-and-off the screen.