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‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Drops Big Hint About How Long He’ll Continue to Host

by Joe Rutland
ken jennings photo
(Raymond Liu/ABC via Getty Images)

Ken Jennings of Jeopardy! fame just dropped a major hint about how long he is planning to continue as a host. Jennings is a legend on the show. Recently, in an episode, Jennings happened to open up about his tenure.

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This tenure talk started during a conversation with a contestant named Ricky A. Rivera from Chicago. Rivera talked about him and his pet tortoise named Sunday and how they watch Jeopardy! together. He also said that tortoises might “live up to 50 years old.”

Ken Jennings Of ‘Jeopardy!’ Said Contestant’s Pet Tortoise Could Be Watching Him ‘In My 30th Season’

Jennings asked Rivera, “How old is Sunday right now?” Rivera said, “Probably around 20, I think.” “So he’s in good health?” Jennings asked. Rivera agreed and nodded his head. Then, Jennings said, “He has decades ahead of him. Sounds great! He could be watching the show in my 30th season. We don’t know.”

He mentioned that his pet “watches Jeopardy! with me, so that’s cool.”

From the looks of that answer, it appears that Jennings is going to be around for some time. Right now, Jeopardy! is in its 39th season. Jennings was among a lot of guest hosts for the game show during Season 37. He started sharing host duties with Mayim Bialik in Season 38. Both were announced as permanent replacements for the late host Alex Trebek.

Back in January, show producers talked about the schedule changes between the co-hosts. Bialik, who also stars in the FOX sitcom Call Me Kat, comes back in mid-February. Her absence was longer than expected, The Sun reports.

On the Inside Jeopardy! podcast, producer Sarah Foss and executive producer Michael Davies answered when Bialik will return and explained why fans have not seen her.

“We know there’s been a lot of discussion around our hosting schedule,” Foss said. “We want to let you know when you can watch Mayim and when you can watch Ken in the coming months. Ken will be hosting in January and into February before Mayim comes in to host our High School Reunion tournament.”

Foss said that the three-week special will “welcome back 18 teen tournament contestants from Season 35, now in college.” Foss talked about Bialik’s absence from Jeopardy!. She said, “Originally, we did think Mayim would come back in January. Her Call Me Kat schedule – it evolved – so she’ll be back a little later than we anticipated. But not for any lack of wanting to have both hosts on the show as much as possible – just scheduling. Mayim is a busy, busy woman! We’re excited to have her back.”