‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Brad Rutter Says Amy Schneider’s Win Streak Has Been ‘Fantastic’

by Jennifer Shea
Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Jeopardy! legend Brad Rutter has seen some impressive Jeopardy! wins in his time, but new Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider’s winning streak has been “fantastic,” Rutter said in a new interview.

Speaking to TV Insider recently, Rutter held forth on the relative likelihood of winning as many games as Schneider has – she’s now up to 30 – and on the online conspiracy theories that have apparently sprouted as a result.

“I have watched Amy and obviously, she’s fantastic,” Rutter said. “It seems like we have super champions coming on every couple of months or so now, which has all the conspiracy theorists talking of course.”

“Somebody asked me about it the other day and the example I gave, which I’m not sure is great, was if you flip a coin a million times, you’d be surprised how many times it’ll come up heads 20 or 30 times in a row,” he said. “It’s way more than you would expect. Even if they wanted to rig [the game], I don’t know how they could. This kind of stuff just happens. And I think we should just enjoy it while it’s happening.”

Jeopardy! Legend Dishes on The Chase

On The Chase, Rutter appears alongside fellow Jeopardy! champs James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings as a Chaser, a quizmaster whose job it is to foil the contestants in their quest for prize money. TV Insider asked Rutter about how he feels working against the contestants, having been a game show contestant himself. Is he ever tempted to throw a game?

“I’m always going for full out,” Rutter said. “However, with certain contestants who I end up liking, I do in the back of my mind start thinking, well, I would feel kind of bad to beat this person. I remember Elliot from Season 1, which it didn’t end up being an issue because he ended up beating me, but he was just so much fun that it would’ve seemed unfortunate to beat him, but I’m giving it all I have every time out there.”

Unsurprisingly, for anyone who has witnessed the social media banter between Rutter, Holzhauer and Jennings, there is also plenty of smack talking on the show. And new addition Mark Labbett, who served as Chaser in the British iteration of the show, can throw down with the best of them in that regard. All told, it makes for some entertaining television for the audience.

How Rutter Acquired His Signature Bow Ties

Fans of The Chase know that his bow ties set Rutter apart in the game. He didn’t always wear them – on Jeopardy!, for instance, he wore a tie – but he was looking to shake things up a bit and he settled on the bow ties as a way to do that.

“I don’t really wear them too often in real life,” Rutter explained. “I do have a few and I’ll bust them out for like a summer wedding or something like that. But I was just thinking about different things I could do to maybe change it up a little bit on the show, and I suggested the bow ties. And then our showrunner was all over it. He was like, ‘That’s perfect. We’re doing it.’ So, I’ve been wearing the bow ties on the show ever since.”

Each of the Chasers has their own signature style, but they have in common their love of game shows. Fans who share their passion can catch The Chase on ABC, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.