‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Buzzy Cohen Drops Rare Family Photo

by Josh Lanier

Buzzy Cohen is anything but reserved, but the beloved Jeopardy! star doesn’t talk about his family very often. Though for Halloween this year, the Tournament of Champions winner needed their help to pull off his costume.

Cohen, rocking a fake mustache, skinny-tie, and grey suit, hit the sidewalks dressed as Walt Disney. His kids went as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. He shared a photo of their adorable costumes on Twitter. He blocked out his kids’ faces with the Mickey Mouse logo to keep their privacy.

To pull off the House of Mouse creator’s look, Cohen ditched his signature glasses. A fan commented “Nice!!! I didn’t recognize u without glasses.” And Cohen, always ready with a snappy comeback, replied “I didn’t recognize anyone without my glasses!”

Fans loved the former Jeopardy! champ’s costume.

“Oh. My God. This is the best. Best. BEST. Costume I may have ever seen. My obsession with Walt. I can’t even,” one person wrote. “I already loved you, Buzzy. Now I love you even more. Those costumes are fabulous! You make a great Walt,” someone else posted.

“No more calls, we have a winner … BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUMES OF THE YEAR!!!” another person posted.

Even his fellow Jeopardy! champs were impressed.

“I feel like the Haunted Mansion is checking for a mustachioed missing display this morning,” four-time Jeopardy! winner Nichole Schultz commented on Cohen’s post.

Ken Jennings to Start Hosting Duties This Week

Buzzy Cohen stepped in as host of the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions last season. A lot of fans loved his turn at the lecture and wanted him to get the permanent gig. The fan support was so loud that Sony executives considered him as a potential full-time replacement for Alex Trebek.

That didn’t happen. At least not yet. After the Michael Richards misstep, Sony will consider who is the best fit for the coveted job for the rest of the year.

Until then, Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will serve as interim Jeopardy! hosts. So far, only Mayim Bialik has spent time behind the podium this season, but Jennings will start subbing in on Friday, according to Jeopardy!‘s website.

Some are speculating that this is an extended audition for the two hosts, but Bialik doesn’t see it that way. It’s not a competition to her.

“For me, I’m getting more and more comfortable with the language of Jeopardy!, as we call it, and making the crew and the staff feel like we have consistency and that I’m a person really interested in maintaining the integrity of the show.”

This will be Jennings’ first time as host since last season. The Jeopardy! GOAT was the first guest host to fill in for Alex Trebek following his tragic death to pancreatic cancer.