‘Jeopardy!’ Legend James Holzhauer Congratulates Amy Schneider on Historic Achievement

by Madison Miller
Photo by: David Becker/Getty Images

“Jeopardy!” champion Amy Schneider continues to wow audiences at home with her ability to absolutely dominate the competition. Included in that audience would be the legendary contestants that came before her, such as James Holzhauer.

Holzhauer cheered Schneider on after she reached a massive milestone in her “Jeopardy!” journey. Yesterday she won her 33rd consecutive game. This means that she has now passed up his former record of 32 games won.

He wrote on Twitter, “Big congrats to @Jeopardamy on her 33rd win! This makes three eligible players in the 30+ game millionaires club.”

During his appearance on the show in 2019, Holzhauer stunned audiences with his gameplay. He was known for taking big bets, which is how he ended up with an astounding total of $2,462,216. This is over double the $1,111,800 that Amy Schneider has stashed away. As of now, Schneider is also the highest-earning female to ever appear on the show.

All in all, Amy Schneider is officially amongst the best of the best. She knocked Holzhauer to fourth place in consecutive games won on “Jeopardy!” Now, she is behind Ken Jennings with 74 wins and Matt Amodio with 38 games.

If she makes it all the way to Friday of next week, Scheider will tie Amodio’s record. Then, on Monday, she would get the opportunity to take that second-place spot from him. He hasn’t even held the record for long, but it is the season of the champions so it’s something he has to expect.

Matt Amodio has not yet commented on Twitter regarding Schneider approaching his record. He is not quite as active on social media, however.

Amy Schneider Talks Strategy

Seeing as she is so successful on the show, many wonder if Amy Schenider has some kind of secret to dominating on “Jeopardy!”

Well, the secret seems to be that Schneider just loves to learn. She told USA Today during an interview that she will often look through Wikipedia for interesting facts. Also, she likes to get her information from places like The New York Times, certain culture sites, as well as history books.

That doesn’t mean she studied at all for her appearance on the show. Rather, she insists that learning just has to be your permanent mindset in order to succeed on “Jeopardy!”

“‘Jeopardy!’ covers such a wide range of things that I’m not sure it’s something you really can study for. You just have to be living your life in such a way that you keep learning,” she said during an interview.

She did reveal that she will often scroll through the J! Archive fan-created website. This is a massive compilation of all the questions and answers that have been on the show since 1984. She likes to look through the website and find facts that she didn’t know before.