‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Celebrates Christmas with ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Quote

by Courtney Blackann

Christmas is officially here! And all are celebrating with some much-needed downtime. This includes former “Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings, who took some time to wish his followers a happy holiday.

In a post on Twitter, Jennings channeled George Bailey with an “It’s a Wonderful Life” quote as he wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

“Merry Christmas, Emporium!” the “Jeopardy!” star says.

The TV star and knowledgeable guru has a lot to celebrate this year. He was also recently named host of season 38 of “Jeopardy!” alongside Mayim Bialik. Jennings wasted no time sharing how excited he was to make the special appearance happen.

“Delighted that [Mayim Bialik] and I will be with you all season on Jeopardy!” Jennings declared in his post on Wednesday (December 8th). The Jeopardy! crew recently revealed, “We are delighted to let you know our excellent ad experience team in front of and behind the camera will continue into 2022,” Jennings said.

Jennings also shared just how tough it is to be a host of the show following in Alex Trebek’s footsteps. Trebek was the longtime TV host who passed away last November to pancreatic cancer. The decision of who would replace him was long and taken very seriously.

“Jeopardy!” Champion Discusses Hosting the Show

Jennings opened up about the gig and how the role would be tough.

“There’s a lot going on at once and Alex [Trebek] made it all look so easy. But I can tell you firsthand. It’s not easy.”

He went on to say:

“I was just terrified. And I think rightfully so. I mean, Alex had just barely passed, and really no one else had hosted the show since 1974. Like, literally, in my lifetime. I’m not being coy. I don’t know who [the host] is. Jeopardy! And Wheel of Fortune are multimillion-dollar properties for Sony TV. Those things just print money. And they are going to take this decision very seriously.”

The “Jeopardy!” champion also discussed how Alex Trebek had so much to do with the show’s long-running success. He says he admires and misses the man who made the game show what it is today.

“I miss Alex a lot,” Ken Jennings says in a clip posted to Jeopardy!‘s Twitter. “When I’m in here, I feel like he’s probably in the building somewhere. It’s hard not to talk about him in the present tense. The first day I came in to guest host was just a few weeks after Alex passed, and it was a really rough time. I got to the studio and one of the producers handed me a little box. Alex’s wife, Jean, had given me a pair of cufflinks that he had worn on the show.”