‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Hopes You’re Watching Amy Schneider’s ‘Remarkable Run’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Ken Jennings, the Jeopardy! super champion is hyping a contender who could take his place in quiz show history.

Just check out Jennings’ social media feed. He won more games than any other contestant in Jeopardy! history. And now he wants his Twitter followers to start paying attention to Amy Schneider, another super champion in the making.

Jennings shared a Tweet from the official Jeopardy! account touting Schneider, who became a champion for 30 straight days.

“I hope you’re watching this, a remarkable run is happening,” Jennings tweeted about Schneider.

Schneider Hit Two Significant Jeopardy! Benchmarks in January Episodes

On the episode telecast Jan. 7, Schneider became the fourth Jeopardy! champion to reach $1 million in winnings and the first to do so during a regular season.

Then this week, she reached another impressive benchmark when she hit her 30th straight victory. Jennings is hosting this week. This is how he teed up Tuesday’s show to hype Schneider’s run.

“In case you were wondering, 29 is the 10th prime number, the atomic number of copper,” Jennings said. “It’s the age of Nick Jonas, it’s the number of days in February in a leap year. It’s the highest possible score in a hand of cribbage, and, most importantly for us today, it is the number of consecutive games of ‘Jeopardy!’ won by our champion Amy Schneider.”

“‘Will she make it to 30?’ is the big question.”

Champion Thanked Her Mother for Help Training Her Mind

And yes, we have the answer to the question. Schneider made it to 30. And in each of those 30 episodes, Schneider spoke during the contestant intros. She mentioned something new about herself every day. Stop and think about what you would reveal if you were in her place on Jeopardy!. On the episode in which she won her 30th in a row, Schneider gave credit to her mother.

“I was thinking, like, what it is that contributed to me being here, and my success here,” Schneider said. “And I was thinking about when she was helping me study for the spelling bee, and we wouldn’t just, like, go over the words, but we would talk about the etymology. She said, ‘Isn’t it, how interesting, that ‘stoic’ comes from this architecture term?’ And I think that’s how I know so much stuff. I always want to associate it with something and find interest in the fact and not just the fact itself.”

In other words, Schneider’s mother taught her own to learn and absorb knowledge as opposed to merely memorizing a string of facts.

By the end of Double Jeopardy, Schneider would’ve needed to try hard to screw up her 30th victory. She had $39,200 in her account, more than four times the nearest contestant. Then the judges decided to give her credit for an earlier wrong answer, pushing her total to more than $42,000.

But Schneider wasn’t all perfect. (Who is?). She missed the Final Jeopardy answer/question about Broadway musicals, dropping her total to $22,400. It still was more than enough for the win.

The next record Schneider can achieve would come this week. James Holzhauer, with 32 straight, currently is in third place record for consecutive wins.