‘Jeopardy!’: Matt Amodio Drops Hilarious ‘Fact’ About Ken Jennings as Host

by Jonathan Howard

Although he isn’t the reigning champion anymore, Jeopardy! star Matt Amodio is still entertaining fans, primarily on Twitter. This time, he dropped a funny “fact” about Ken Jennings.

The former champion is always cracking jokes on social media. His latest was about Jennings and his hosting duties. He gave a little secret information for fans to know. It is almost believable, to be honest. Check out the tweet below and see for yourself.

“Most people don’t realize that when @KenJennings hosts #Jeopardy, they only write the categories ahead-of-time, and then he just says five clues that come to him on the spot,” the post read.

He followed it up with a tweet saying, “The video daily doubles are really impressive.” Fans were laughing and reacting all through the replies. Even though he isn’t on the show anymore, Amodio is still a Jeopardy! fan favorite. He knows how to make them laugh. Just tell jokes at Ken Jennings’ expense.

Amodio has jousted online with Jennings as well as former champion James Holzhauer. Through it all, he has charmed fans and foes alike it seems. He should be competing in the next Tournament of Champions, that is something fans should look forward to. The contestant could give a lot of favorites a run for their money head-to-head.

With Ken Jennings taking over hosting duties on Jeopardy! the GOAT is back in the studio and now he is behind a different podium. If there is one person who embodies and celebrates the show the way it should be, it is Jennings.

Ken Jennings Starts Hosting ‘Jeopardy!’

After Mayim Bialik hosted for the last couple of months or so, it is now Ken Jennings’ turn. The former contestant and undisputed GOAT have returned. His first show back, yesterday on Monday marked a melancholy anniversary for the Jeopardy! world. It marked one year since the passing of Alex Trebek.

Although Jennings wasn’t aware when he began recording the episodes, everyone else seemed to be. The contestant-turned host said, “Apparently, everyone was aware that we were going to air (my first episode) on the anniversary and nobody told me.”

“They didn’t want to put that in my head,” Jennings further explained. “So I was not told until after that it was the Nov. 8 show.” That is quite a day to begin your hosting duties officially. Fans were eager to tune into the episode.

Despite any success, he may have as host, Jennings says that the OG Jeopardy! host will be hard to follow. “I knew that it was going to be a very difficult task,” he said. “Much less the idea that you’re trying to step into the shoes of Alex Trebek, which is impossible.”

At least fans know that Ken Jennings is going to put forth hi best effort night in and night out.