‘Jeopardy!’: Matt Amodio Expresses Gratitude to Fans, Feels ‘Active’ in Show’s ‘World’

by Megan Molseed

What is the result of shattering some long-held Jeopardy! records? This could be the answer/question to a Jeopardy! clue: Matt Amodio enjoying his fans and feeling active in the popular game show’s “world.”

And, this is something the game show champion is happy to share with the Twitterverse in a recent post to the popular social media website.

“It’s technically the beginning of my “[email protected]” life,” writes Matt Amodio in a Saturday afternoon Twitter post.

“but thanks to you all in this community,” the game show champ continues. “I feel like I’m still an active part of the #jeopardy world!”

Earlier this year, Matt Amodio took to the Jeopardy! stage poised to succeed on the popular answer/question game show.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Breaks Records

During his record-breaking run, Amodio won thirty-eight games in a row, blowing past fellow champion James Holzhauer who racked up a total of thirty-two Jeopardy! wins in a row.

This put Amodio behind only the current Jeopardy! GOAT Ken Jennings, who still holds the number one spot for all-time wins with a hugely impressive seventy-two-day winning streak on the iconic game show.

In total, Amodio brought home $1,519,601 in winnings during his 39-game Jeopardy! run.

This, of course, made the game show champion a fan favorite. But, that was a role Amodio believed would be short-lived. And, the Jeopardy! contestant notes in a recent Newsweek story, he’s surprised how long his Jeopardy! fame has lasted.

In the recent story, Matt Amodio says that the impressive social media following he has gained since he became a household name, as well as the multiple speaking and appearance requests he receives reminds the game show contestant that “he’s still wanted out there.”

When Matt Amodio’s run on Jeopardy! came to an end this fall, the champion says that he expected his Twitter followers would begin to unfollow him. Whether it be all at once, or gradually over time.

Amodio Enjoys The Big Social Media Following He’s Built Since Major Wins

However, the Jeopardy! contestant notes, his legions of social media followers continue to increase. So far, Amodio boasts 52,000 followers on Twitter alone.

Of course, while he loves the fan support he has received, Amodio says he can’t help but feel “flabbergasted” about all of the support his fans have shown him over social media.

And, the Jeopardy! winner says he loves it all. Amodio candidly tells Newsweek readers that he doesn’t want this “post-Jeopardy!” excitement to come to an end.

Matt Amodio’s time competing on Jeopardy! may officially be over. However, the game show champion is preparing to compete in the upcoming Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions next year.