‘Jeopardy!’: Matt Amodio’s High Praise of Ken Jennings Continues With His Ability To See the Future

by Jonathan Howard

Although he isn’t the long-running champ anymore, Matt Amodio still keeps Jeopardy! fans entertained. His latest on Ken Jennings is another example.

While Jennings would never give out spoilers, he is in tune with the game in ways most folks just aren’t. Amodio is a big fan of the GOAT and is not afraid to bring that up. His latest thread of tweets shows that the former champ still respects the No.1 player of all time.

Check it out below.

“Like a grandmaster that scans the chessboard and deduces “checkmate in 12 moves”, @KenJennings takes one look at the #Jeopardy clues and contestants, and sees how it’ll play out,” the tweet reads.

Of course, Jennings isn’t a psychic. However, he is probably the closest thing to Tony Romo in the booth for Jeopardy! It seems he knows what will happen and when. That was further expressed in Amodio’s next two tweets on the matter. It must be unnerving to be around someone like Jennings, especially when trying to play the show. Perhaps the presence of the GOAT will lead to fewer long runs on the show this season.

While Amodio is giving Jennings a little too much credit, it is fun. Fans in the replies were cracking up and some asked if the former champ was serious about his take. While Jennings doesn’t see the future, it sure seems like he does when he has a buzzer in his hand. Amodio continues to build his own social legacy and also helps bolster Jennings’ legacy in the process.

While Jennings has begun his hosting duties this season, Mayim Bialik will be back behind the podium soon enough. With the upcoming Professors’ Tournament, Bialik will be back on viewers’ screens in no time.

Mayim Bialik to Host ‘Jeopardy!’ Professors’ Tournament

With Bialik set to host the first-ever Jeopardy! Professors’ Tournament, viewers are excited. We have seen college students compete before, but now their instructors will take the stage. That tournament is set for December 6 to December 17 and it will feature a trio of educators until there is one winner.

This could get personal for some of these academics. Will the STEM professors outperform their social science counterparts? Will a humanities professional emerge victoriously? There is a lot at stake here as far as bragging rights go. There will be 15 institutions represented and a grand prize of $100,000.

“It was an unbelievable thrill to see so many brilliant professors from all kinds of schools and backgrounds come together on the Jeopardy! stage,” Bialik said in a statement. “There was a sense of kinship and academic camaraderie among the group, along with a healthy dose of competitiveness.”

It all goes down this December, get ready!