‘Jeopardy!’: Matt Amodio Hilariously Announces What He’s ‘Changing’ His Name To

by Jonathan Howard

Although he isn’t on the show anymore, Jeopardy! champion Matt Amodio is still entertaining over on social media. The second-winningest contestant ever on the show, Amodio is cracking the same jokes as usual.

There is a lot of change going on, speaking of social media. Facebook just changed its name and Amodio wanted to get in on that current event. So, he told his followers what he is going to change his name to. Facebook is now Meta, and the former game show champion is now, “Matta.”

“To reflect who I am and what I hope to build, I am hereby changing my name to #Matta. Over time, I hope young people stop thinking I’m ruining everything,” the post read.

The news of Facebook changing its name has been all over social media. Memes, jokes, and much more have resulted from the news. Being a Jeopardy! champion means keeping up with pop culture and current events. So, it’s no wonder that Amodio got in on the little tidbit of news. His follow-up tweet was the icing on top.

“I thought about going as Zuckerberg for Halloween one year but decided I couldn’t convincingly pull it off because I would be hanging out with friends,” he joked.

In the time since Matt Amodio lost, the man who defeated him has gone on his own streak as well. Jonathan Fisher took down Amodio and then went on to win 10 more games after that. His 11-game streak is another historic run just after the 38-game streak of the former champ. Fans of Jeopardy! are having a great time these last couple of months.

Another ‘Jeopardy!’ Streak Comes to An End

When Jonathan Fisher took down Amodio, there was no telling where his story might lead. After a couple of games, it was clear that Fisher was another great champion. Amodio finished on a 38-game win streak amid host changes and controversy. While Fisher’s time was less dramatic, his performance was still very impressive.

After Fisher had won his 5th game, he earned entry to the next Tournament of Champions. So, for those fans that want to see more of the champion, there is a possibility that will happen in the future. When he won his 10th game viewers didn’t know how far he could go.

Well, on Tuesday night, Fisher was taken down. Portland, Oregon native Nancy Donehower was the one who took down the 11-game winner. Donehower is a retired college admissions counselor and she is the new Jeopardy! champion. Now, a new chapter begins in the show’s history. Is it possible that we see another long-term champ again this year? It seems like the year for it. Only time will tell.