‘Jeopardy!’: Matt Amodio Laments Ken Jennings Time as Host Coming To a Close

by Jonathan Howard

While Ken Jennings time as Jeopardy! host is coming to an end, so too is Matt Amodio’s newest Twitter joke for the last week. Five days in a row and Amodio is out of the game already.

Well, it isn’t completely true. He has been tweeting something about Jennings every night he has hosted. The joke was to post an exaggerated statement about the GOAT and post it as fact. Sort of like a Chuck Norris joke, but with a nerdy twist. Amodio is always quick to hit up social media and get off one more though. Check out his latest below.

“After doing it 5 days in a row, it is sad that my streak of humorous but true #Jeopardy #GOAT observations came to an end today,” the tweet reads. “I’ll always admire that time back in 2004 when @KenJennings did it on MySpace for 9.75 consecutive days.”

As the number one fan in the Ken Jennings fan club, Amodio keeps doing his part to push the gospel of the Jeopardy! GOAT. Seriously, he just keeps coming up with new and funny things to say about the former champ. Perhaps his fandom for Jennings is good, at least it makes Amodio fans feel better about their own personal obsession with the 38-day champ.

So, Amodio wasn’t able to surpass Jennings in wins or by posting his jokes, what a bummer. All joking aside, it seems that Amodio enjoys his newfound celebrity. When he hits up the Tournament of Champions, he’s going to likely get another bump in popularity.

Meanwhile, Jeopardy! gets ready for a brand new tournament they have never done before. The Professors Tournament. That will bring the return of Mayim Bialik as host. Academics will soon battle for bragging rights and prize money.

‘Jeopardy!’: Mayim Bialik Set to Return as Host

So, Ken Jennings got his short run in hosting again. Now, Jeopardy! is almost set to turn back to Bialik. When the show begins the Professor’s Tournament in early December, Bialik is expected to return and lead the way. Jennings has no role in the event but could be back in the future.

Bialik spoke about the upcoming tournament.

“It was an unbelievable thrill to see so many brilliant professors from all kinds of schools and backgrounds come together on the Jeopardy! stage,” the host said. “There was a sense of kinship and academic camaraderie among the group, along with a healthy dose of competitiveness. That energy made this inaugural Professors Tournament incredibly special.”

Fans are eager to see the new tournament unfold. It isn’t often a new type of tourney comes to the game and this will give fans something different. There have been so many great performances this year, and more are set to take the stage as the year ends.