‘Jeopardy!’ New Champ Has Incredible Plan for How He Wants to Spend Winnings

by Keeli Parkey

Winning streaks on “Jeopardy!” can lead to big money for its contestants. Most recently, it has been champion Andrew He who has been winning thousands of dollars thanks to his success on the popular quiz show.

Of course, his success on the show has led to questions about how he plans to win what he earns thanks to his brainpower. One person who wanted to know how He plans to spend his winnings is current “Jeopardy!” host Ken Jennings.

“Andrew He, you’re getting into some serious money here on ‘Jeopardy!’ (You’re) getting close to $140,000 or so. What are you going to do with the winnings?” Jennings asked He during a recent episode.

He said his plans are to donate some of his winnings. His other plans for the money include helping a friend start a very sweet business.

“There will be the usual suspects. You know, donation,” He explained. “But with what’s leftover, I would love to help my friend, Vincent, start an ice cream company.”

The champion also explained why he wants to invest in his friend’s business idea.

“He’s the only I person know who checks out cookbooks from the library. And he makes incredible ice cream,” Andrew He also said.

Of course, Ken Jennings wanted to know what flavor the current “Jeopardy!” champion preferred above all the others made by his friend, Vincent. “Is there a favorite flavor you’re looking forward to?” Jennings asked.

Interestingly, He refused to tell Jennings – and the millions of “Jeopardy!” viewers – what flavor is his favorite. “That’s a secret. I’m sorry,” He also told Jennings.

The host understood. “Oh, okay. I didn’t want to get into trade secrets. We will have to wait for Vincent to get started,” Jennings also said.

You can watch the humorous exchange between Andrew He and Ken Jennings below.

Fans React to ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion’s Plans for His Winnings

While the exchange between Ken Jennings and Andrew He on “Jeopardy!” was humorous in itself, the caption included with the video was also very, very funny. It might have even given He and his friend, Vincent, a perfect name for He’s favorite ice cream flavor, or the perfect name for a dish.

“Andrew He plans to help his friend open an ice cream shop with his winnings! We hope to get a ‘true Daily Double scoop’ someday,” the caption read.

Unsurprisingly, “Jeopardy!” fans were very entertained by the exchange between Jennings and He.

“Fabulous! I loved that he wouldn’t give away the secret,” one fan commented. “This kid has a great heart. I’m really rooting for him,” another also said. “He has a good heart,” one fan also shared.

One fan also praised Ken Jennings. “Love Ken as the host, this has been a fun week!” this comment read.