‘Jeopardy!’ New Champ Is Officially on the ‘Tournament of Champions Tracker’ Now After Latest Win

by Leanne Stahulak

“Jeopardy!” might just have a new super champion on its hands. Tyler Rhode just extended his win streak to four games last night, earning him a spot on the Tournament of Champions Tracker.

Which means Tyler isn’t guaranteed a spot in the tournament. But if he keeps winning throughout this week, it’ll definitely give him an edge over the other four and five game-winners. To be eligible for the “Jeopardy!” tournament, you have to win at least four games after January 5, 2021. But the Tournament of Champions website does say that the “final selection is up to the producers’ sole discretion.”

Joining Rhode on the list is John Focht, a four-game champion. Then there’s Zach Newkirk, a six-game champ, and two seven-day champs, Courtney Shah and Brian Chang. Jonathan Fisher holds the second-highest spot on the list with 11 wins. And at the very top is this season’s mega champion, Matt Amodio, with a staggering 38 wins.

If Rhode continues to win, then he’ll continue the streak of super champions started by Amodio this season. Fisher unseated 38-day Amodio and then went on to win 11 games. They became the first back-to-back double-digits champions in “Jeopardy!” history. Then Nancy Donehower unseated Fisher, but she lost her next game to Rhode. Now Rhode’s won four games and could win more this week.

“Jeopardy!” celebrated his win and spot on the Tournament of Champions Tracker on their social media sites. They posted a video of Rhode along with his four-day total in winnings ($78,301) on Instagram earlier yesterday.

“#TFW you realize you’re on the #TournamentOfChampions tracker! Another win means Tyler Rhode is now a 4-day champ,” the caption on the post reads.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Dress Up as Alex Trebek, Matt Amodio, and Mayim Bialik for Halloween

Who knew making it big on “Jeopardy!” could make people turn you into a costume? That’s exactly what happened this Halloween season as fans of the game shows channeled their inner Matt Amodio or Mayim Bialik.

The official “Jeopardy!” Twitter account retweeted several amazing costumes from this weekend. Luckily, most people’s outfits were pretty easy to put together. They just had to throw on a business casual suit or sweater. But some people went all-in on the props to really make it feel like the game show.

Liz Blakeney printed off some “Jeopardy!” clue cards to make her costume more authentic. Check out her amazing recreation in the tweet below.

And then we have this trick-or-treater, who put together an incredible podium to mimic Matt Amodio’s on stage. The slightly messy hair and sweater over the button-down shirt really complete the look.

But this costume has got to take the cake. Ally Sargus shared a picture of her baby niece on Twitter, dressed up in the absolute cutest Alex Trebek costume. Her parents even put together a clue board and Daily Double t-shirt. See the heartwarming costume for yourself below.