‘Jeopardy!’ New Champ Who Beat Matt Amodio Has Racked Up Massive 4-Day Winnings

by John Jamison

Jonathan Fisher—the man who dethroned Matt Amodio from his 38-game Jeopardy! reign—is showing everyone that Amodio’s loss was no fluke. Fisher is already well on his way to receiving his own invite to the Tournament of Champions, setting the stage for an epic revenge showdown. His 4-day winnings total nearly $100,000.

On Monday, audiences were surprised to find Matt Amodio struggling in an attempt to fend off the stiff play of Jonathan Fisher and Jessica Stephens. The second-longest Jeopardy! win streak holder trailed both of his opponents after Double Jeopardy for the first time during his long run.

Jonathan Fisher barely edged out Jessica for the honor of defeating Matt Amodio. The actor from Coral Gables, Florida hasn’t looked back. He has been on a bit of a tear this week, which has to be slightly comforting for Amodio. It’s a small consolation for the all-time Jeopardy! contestant, but his defeat came at the hands of a worthy opponent.

“I’m still processing it. It was such a close game with Matt and with Jessica too that I went into a fugue state,” said Fisher.

The Jeopardy! Instagram account shared an update of Jonathan Fisher’s winnings following his fourth consecutive win. He has racked up $94,000 since Monday and shows no signs of slowing down.

To think Jonathan Fisher went into his Jeopardy! experience thinking he wouldn’t make it past his first game.

“I was expecting to do one show and have a great experience, and go home. So, hopefully I can kind of keep it going and see, but honestly it’s probably not going to get better than that first show,” Fisher told the game show.

It’ll get better as long as he keeps winning.

Dethroned ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Wishes Jonathan Fisher Well, Can’t Wait to Run the Table at Local Trivia Night

Matt Amodio is content with what he accomplished during his 38 game run on Jeopardy! He’ll live in the record books for generations, and it doesn’t hurt that he went home with more than $1.5 million. That’s pretax, but still. Of course, he’d rather continue winning. But it’s Jonathan Fisher’s time now, and Amodio accepts that.

He has Ph.D. studies that demand his attention. When he does get some time for recreation, however, local bars better watch out.

“I know going into every bar trivia game that I play that I’m going to come in with a little intimidation factor. But also, I just like the badge that it represents. As somebody who prioritizes knowledge and knowing things, this is really a good one to have following me everywhere,” Amodio said on the show following his defeat.