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‘Jeopardy!’: See Every Record Amy Schneider Has Broken So Far

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Tonight, Amy Schneider could very well make history once again on “Jeopardy!” as she aims to win her 39th consecutive game.

Only two other players have come this far on the game show. Ken Jennings, the “Jeopardy!” GOAT, has maintained his first-place record with 74 consecutive wins since 2004. Matt Amodio, just a few short months ago, surpassed James Holzhauer’s 32-game win streak with an astonishing 38 wins.

As of Friday, Jan. 21, Schneider tied Amodio’s 38-game”Jeopardy!” record. Tonight’s game will determine whether she overtakes Amodio’s second-place record or ties with him for good.

But in the meantime, “Jeopardy!” wants to celebrate all of the records Schneider has beaten so far this season. They compiled all of her achievements into one big article on the show’s official website, also tweeting it out earlier today.

So, let’s break down Schneider’s numerous records, from the beginning.

All of the Records Amy Schneider Has Broken on ‘Jeopardy!’

After just 8 wins on “Jeopardy!”, Schneider earned the 10th place spot for highest winnings during regular season play. She overtook Seth Wilson on Nov. 26, 2021.

Three days later, on Nov. 29, Schenider overtook Arthur Chu’s winnings record and earned the ninth-place spot. Her high betting strategy paid off, as on Dec. 1, she jumped to seventh place with $421,200. The next day, she jumped to fifth place for winnings during the regular season.

Dec. 2 is also the day that Schneider surpassed Julia Collins’ record for all-time winnings (including tournaments). Collins held the 10th place spot at $478,100, which Schneider passed up with $483,000.

The current “Jeopardy!” champ also won her 12th consecutive win that day, tying with Austin Rogers and Seth Wilson. Schneider tied with Matt Jackson at 13 games on Dec. 3, while also earning the fourth spot for highest regular-season winnings and the eighth spot for all-time winnings.

Fast forward to Dec. 22, 2021. Schneider’s all-time winnings passed Matt Jackson for seventh place. The next day, she overtook Larissa Kelly’s all-time winnings with $687,400 for sixth place. At this point, Amy Schneider became the woman to earn the highest amount of money in “Jeopardy!” history.

On Dec. 27, Schneider’s consecutive win record tied with Jason Zuffranieri and David Madden at 19 (fifth place). Two days later, on Dec. 29, Schneider won 21 games, which put her past Julia Collins and straight into fourth place for consecutive wins.

Dec. 29 is also the day when Schneider surpassed David Madden’s fifth-place spot on the all-time winnings board. That’s where she sits today on the all-time winnings board, with $1,307,200. Ahead of her in fourth place is Matt Amodio with $1,518,601.

And finally, on Jan. 14, 2022, Schneider surpassed James Holzhauer’s “Jeopardy!” record of 32 consecutive games. tonight will determine if she overtakes Amodio’s win record as well at 39 games.