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‘Jeopardy!’ Sensation Matt Amodio Shouts Out Current Champ for Reaching Milestone

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

More than almost anybody, former “Jeopardy!” champ Matt Amodio understands how difficult it can be to maintain a streak on the game show.

Amodio just so happened to make history this season by winning 38 consecutive games. And now, he’s cheering on the newest champion, Amy Schneider, who just won her fifth game and qualified for the Tournament of Champions.

The official “Jeopardy!” Twitter page announced Schneider’s entry into the TOC earlier yesterday. They posted a picture of her with the words “5 wins” at the bottom along with the caption, “5-game winner Amy Schneider is going to the Tournament of Champions! Let’s see if she’ll win her 6th game tomorrow!”

Amodio commented on the game show’s post with several champagnes and party thrower emojis, writing, “See you there, champ!”

Despite losing “Jeopardy!” at a pinnacle moment, Amodio still supports all the other contestants who have come up after him. From Jonathan Fisher, the man who unseated Amodio, to Schneider, Amodio has congratulated several of them on their success so far.

And it’s a good thing that he’s paying attention since he’ll be facing all these contestants in the upcoming Tournament of Champions. This season alone has produced so many incredible contestants for the annual competition, including Amodio, Fisher, and Schneider. And let’s not forget Andrew He and Tyler Rhode, fellow five-day champions.

One “Jeopardy!” fan even commented on Amodio’s Tweet, “I hope you’re studying your ass off Matt. You have your work cut out for you.”

“Cool kids don’t study,” Amodio quipped back with a sunglasses face emoji. His words may sound nonchalant, but if we know the Ph.D. candidate from Yale, he’ll be studying harder than ever in the next several months.

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Ken Jennings Calls Upcoming Tournament of Champions an ‘All-Timer’

Amodio’s not the only one to pick up on this crazy “Jeopardy!” season so far. The GOAT of the game show, Ken Jennings, has a front-row seat to all the incredible talent this season. He’s guest-hosting along with Mayim Bialik until the end of the year.

When the game show announced Schenider’s entry into the Tournament of Champions, Jennings shared the post and said, “This season has been nuts. ANOTHER strong contender for what is shaping up to be an all-timer of a Tournament of Champions.”

It certainly has the makings to be an all-timer, meaning the best of all time. With so many super champions in one competition, plus a contender from the upcoming Professor’s Tournament, it’s bound to be one for the ages.

The real question is, will Amodio be able to defend his title? Or will one of these up-and-coming champions usurp him as the current best of the best? It’s really anyone’s game, and we can’t wait to see it.