‘Jeopardy!’ Star James Holzhauer Hilariously Uses Antonio Brown’s Mid-Game Exit to Promote Quiz Show

by Hannah Heser

James Holzhauer is one of the most well-known stars on Jeopardy! For instance, he has won more than 15 back-to-back games since he started.

During his early days on the show, he set the most records. Now, he holds the top five records in Single-Game Winnings, according to Jeopardy.

In a recent interview with Jeopardy, Holzhauer was asked to give some advice to the future contestants on the show. As always, it’s important to be confident with everything you do and practice every day. After all, practice makes perfect. Look where Holzhauer is at now. It all happened with a little practice.

In addition to his journey on Jeopardy, he is promoting “The Chase” with Antonio Brown’s mid-game exit.

James Holzhauer Promotes ‘The Chase’ With Mid-Game Exit

The Jeopardy! star we all know and love, James Holzhauer, uses Antonio Brown’s mid-game exit hilariously. He thought this was the perfect way to promote the quiz show, “The Chase.” What do you think Jeopardy! lovers?

James Holzhauer took to Twitter to share a video of Antonio Brown’s exit.

“If you enjoy watching players leave their team in the middle of a game, tune in to the season premiere of The Chase this Wednesday at 10/9c!”

Throughout the video, the sports reporters say this is a very odd situation while explaining what’s happening.

“This is a very odd situation. Antonio Brown boiled over, very upset on the sidelines. He took off his shoulder pads. Mike Evans and Jay Howard tried to convince him to keep them on. Obviously, they were unable to do so. Then he tossed his shoulder pads, stripped off his shirt and gloves, and ran across the field while the teams were still on it. And he gave the crowd a peace out sign.”

Clearly, this isn’t something we see every day, so fans were flooding the comments. A lot of people are asking questions about how “The Chase” premiere will look.

For example, someone said, “So if Brad strips from the waist down and storms off the stage, who comes in to replace him as the chaser?”

Despite the hilarious captions, another person comments, “If you’re going to have a meltdown, might as well go All-In.” And it seems like Brown did a great job at that.

Furthermore, this isn’t the only incident that Holzhauer jokes about.

Holzhauer Also Jokes About College Football

Without a doubt, James Holzhauer loves his sports. It doesn’t take much for him to start critiquing a certain game or team. Nevertheless, he watched the College Football Playoffs last Friday.

Overall, he couldn’t get into Friday night’s game because it seems like Alabama wins every time.