‘Jeopardy!’: Steve Martin Gets Show Invite After Learning of Look-Alike Champ

by Liz Holland

“Jeopardy!” wrapped up their first-ever professor’s tournament on Friday. Sam Buttrey, Associate Professor of Operations Research at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California took 1st place in the finals, amassing wins of $100,000.

The “Jeopardy!” Twitter account congratulated the winner in a post that read, “We’re giving an A+ to Sam Buttrey for winning our first-ever #ProfessorsTournament! We’ll see him in the next Tournament of Champions!” The caption was paired with a few screen grabs from Buttrey on the show.

Thanks to the quirky powers of the internet, widely-loved comedian and actor Steve Martin had something to say about the wins. Martin shared Jeopardy’s tweet to his own page, adding his own joking comment. Martin said, “So great to split the prize money with Sam!” The Jeopardy account said in response to Martin, “We would love to have you on Jeopardy! anytime, in any capacity!”

Though the tweet seems light-hearted, many fans showed their eagerness towards having Martin on the show after this tweet. One fan wrote, “I think I speak for the majority of my co-contestants when I say ‘OMG YES!!!’ while another added, “VERY YES. <3”

Fans also pointed out that Steve Martin and Sam Buttrey look alike! One tweeter wrote under Martin’s tweet, “Perhaps you can hire him as your stunt double, while you are at it.” It seems this isn’t the first time Buttrey has had his looks compared to Steve Martin’s. Buttrey’s history-making win has earned him a spot in the next Tournament of Champions.

Steve Martin Look-Alike, Sam Buttrey, Is Ready For More

The professor said of his experience on the show, “This has been the greatest time, and to come out ahead of all these other great players is something I’ll remember forever,” said Buttrey. “The group was uniformly so smart, charming, and warm, and there’s been a real feeling of camaraderie from the very beginning.”

Buttrey will face some big names in the Tournament of Champions, but he seems more excited than intimidated by the idea. “I know there are some strong players, but I want to go up against them,” Buttrey said. “I would like to play against Matt Amodio, he’s a strong player and I’d like to see how I can do.”

Fans seemed to love Buttrey. However, many viewers are still split on their thoughts surrounding the host for the tournament, Miyam Bialik. The Jeopardy! Twitter account wished Bialik a happy Birthday last week when the occasion came and went.

Fans shared their thoughts on Bialik in the replies of the post. Some were super positive and encouraging. For instance, one fan wrote to Bialik, “You’re a great host and bring a strong sense of academic excellence to this role. Alex would be so proud of your work! Happy birthday, my lovely!”