‘Jeopardy!’: Watch the New Champ’s Reaction to Ending Matt Amodio’s Win Streak

by Chris Haney

Jeopardy! champion Matt Amodio’s 38-game win streak came to an end last night, and the contestant who finally beat him had a hilarious reaction to it at the end of yesterday’s episode.

Amodio recently became the second-winningest contestant in Jeopardy! history after he passed James Holzhauer’s 32-game record. The 30-year-old contestant had already solidified his game show legacy, but he had a long way to go to catch up to Ken Jennings’ first place record. Jennings holds the top position with his own 74-game win streak from his run in 2004.

Yet as Amodio’s win streak came to a close, Jeopardy! had crowned its newest victor. Contestant Jonathan Fisher accomplished the unthinkable with his huge upset win last night. Following the win in Final Jeopardy!, Jonathan groaned and leaned his head down almost under the podium. The game show shared his funny reaction on Instagram after it went off-air.

“We love emojis but none can capture this feeling. Congrats to our new #Jeopardy! champ, Jonathan Fisher!” the game show wrote on Instagram.

After Jonathan won, and seemed to almost faint, host Mayim Bialik addressed the contestants. At first, Bialik walked away from the podium towards the contestants simply saying to herself, “Wow, wow, wow” after Amodio lost.

Then, she saw Jonathan practically in shock and amusingly said to the contestants, “Everybody take a deep breath.” She went on to congratulate Amodio on a great run, and Amodio himself praised Jonathan’s performance. The former champion also took to social media to further compliment Jonathan for his big day.

“Jonathan is a great guy who played a great game, kudos!” Matt Amodio wrote on social media in response to Jonathan’s win.

A classy gesture by a classy champion.

Matt Amodio’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Win Streak Finally Comes to an End

The Yale Ph.D. student‘s Jeopardy! run is finally over after 38 wins in a row. His name is already cemented in the the game show’s history. In fact, Amodio’s 38-game win streak continued for so long that it overlapped into two seasons. Plus it involved multiple hosts as the game show continued to look for its permanent replacement following longtime host Alex Trebek’s death in November 2020.

The popular game show posted a clip of last night’s Final Jeopardy! segment. Amodio went into the final round trailing both contestants for the first time ever since competing on the show. He fell behind by $4,000 compared to Jonathan and answered the final clue incorrectly.

The uncharacteristically lackluster performance brought Amodio’s lengthy run to a close. Yet $1,518,601 in cash earnings will hopefully ease the pain of the win streak ending. In addition, it won’t be the last time we get to see Amodio perform. Later this season, he’ll feature prominently as a favorite to win the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions.