‘Jeopardy!’: What Are the Odds of Amy Schneider Beating Ken Jennings’ Streak?

by Leanne Stahulak

Amy Schneider once again upended previous “Jeopardy!” records by becoming the first person since Ken Jennings to win 40 consecutive games.

Earlier this week, Schneider surpassed Matt Amodio’s second-place record of 38 games. But now Schneider has a long stretch to go to catch up to the only other person who’s made it this far on “Jeopardy!”

Her accuracy and buzzer skills seem unstoppable, but does she have it in her to go all the way to Jennings’ 74-day streak? Some “Jeopardy!” fans debated this idea on Reddit earlier this week. A fan titled a new post, “Odds of Amy Schneider beating Ken Jennings’ streak?”

“I know it’s early days, but not stupidly early to begin this talk,” the original poster wrote. “Amy OWNS the buzzer, so she could only lose to a player with SUPERIOR knowledge, especially when it comes to Final Jeopardy. My odds as of January 25th: I’d take a 7:1 bet on Amy.”

Those are fairly decent odds. But one player took the math seriously, setting up an equation based on the percent likelihood of Schneider winning and the number of games left to beat Jennings’ record (35). If she only has a 90% chance of winning a game, then there’s a 2.5% chance that she’ll tie Jennings’ record. But the higher her chances of winning, the higher the chances that she’ll surpass him.

Another “Jeopardy!” fan questioned the original poster’s idea that knowledge will bring Schneider down. In this person’s mind, someone would need to beat her out on the buzzer.

“Amy attempts to buzz in on about 75% of the clues and buzzes in successfully about 70-80% of the time with ~95% response accuracy. At that point, I’m not sure how useful having more knowledge than Amy is,” the fan commented on the post. “It doesn’t matter if you know more if someone else is beating you to the buzzer that often. It’ll have to be a combination of buzzer speed and knowledge, and maybe also two strong opponents in one game.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Discuss Ken Jennings’ Legacy as Amy Schneider Comes For His Record

While some “Jeopardy!” fans want to see Amy Schneider come close to Ken Jennings’ record, others said they’d rather see his legacy last a bit longer.

“I’d be so sad if anyone beat Ken’s record in my lifetime,” one person said in the comments. Another person followed up with, “I would be too. I know it’s kind of a selfish thing, but I really want Ken’s record to stand forever.”

A third person commented, “I would be sad too because Ken is a legend. However, as Amy explained already, he would still be considered the best because the period of time in which he won 74 games makes it that much more extraordinary.”

Who do you want to see on top, “Jeopardy!” fans? Ken or Amy? We’ll have to wait and see who gets the top spot.