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‘Jeopardy!’: Why Amy Schneider Had to Tell Herself She ‘Can Beat Matt Amodio’

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Jeopardy! contestant Amy Schneider just wrote that she had to tell herself that she can beat champion Matt Amodio. She is on a 5 day reign right now and has been a joy to watch. When she was preparing to play, Matt Amodio was still on his winning streak.

Schneider recently wrote a piece for Newsweek about the experience and talked about how she amped herself up.

“When I originally got the call to go on Jeopardy!, Matt was still on his run, so I was definitely nervous at the prospect of playing him. But you can’t go in thinking you have no chance against someone. I knew I had to play whoever I was up against so I had to psyche myself up and tell myself: “I can beat Matt Amodio!” she wrote.

Since she started her winning streak, Matt Amodio has reached out to congratulate her.

Schneider has also made Jeopardy! history as the first openly Trans person to qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

Amy Schneider Will go into the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions with ‘The Same Mindset’

The same mindset that told her she could beat Matt Amodio will actually come in handy when it comes time to play the Tournament of Champions, where she’ll actually get to compete against him.

“If I go up against him, he’s going to be extremely tough, but it’s really cool to be able to play someone that strong. Usually, the only time you get to do it is when it’s your first time on the show against a reigning champion, but to be able to play him knowing that I’m good as well is going to be fun, it’s really cool.”

She also pointed out that their styles of playing the game are different. Amodio has a more aggressive approach when it comes to wagering while Schneider likes to keep it safer. Schneider also likes to pick the categories she might not excel at first and leave the ones she knows she’ll nail for last.

Ken Jennings is currently guest hosting Jeopardy!, but he’s been sure to show his support to her as a fellow champion as well.

Over on Twitter, fans have been super supportive about her Jeopardy! journey thus far, with Matt Amodio complimenting her game as well as one of her blazers. Former champs are notoriously kind to the new ones, and Schneider is no exception to that rule.

“Almost everyone has been so positive, happy, and supportive,” she wrote. Now, Schneider continues her winning streak. While she’s still quite a few games away from beating any records, it’s all eyes on her as she continues to dominate the game.