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Jeremy Renner Has No Regrets about Saving His Nephew in Snow Plow Accident: ‘I’d Do It Again’

by TK Sanders

Now that Jeremy Renner can walk again following a horrific snow plow accident, the actor is speaking up about his ordeal, and his thankfulness for a bright future.

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A common theme of all of his correspondence since the New Years Day accident has been one of family and thankfulness. In a new interview with Diane Sawyer, Renner explains that the plow was headed straight for his young nephew. He said he’d endure the same accident again if it meant saving his family — that’s how much they mean to him.

The interview airs April 6, and first-look teasers detail some of the “horrific” details of Renner’s injuries. According to his young nephew, Renner had blood coming from his head, and appeared dead. Sawyer then details the list of shocking injuries that the Hawkeye actor endured — dozens of broken bones and organ issues.

Renner even recalls a moment in the hospital when he couldn’t speak, but had to sign (sign language) an apology to his family for making them worry so much about him. As TMZ reported, Jeremy was attempting to stop the Snowcat from hitting his nephew, but the emergency brake wasn’t engaged. The incident resulted in the seven-ton vehicle sliding and running him over.

Now three months later, the actor’s recovery has been nothing short of extraordinary. Jeremy has given fans multiple updates a couple of weeks after getting crushed. He said his 30 broken bones would “grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens.”

Jeremy Renner is a family man through and through

Earlier this week, Renner posted a birthday tribute to his young daughter, Ava, who turned 10 years old.

He acknowledged her “hugs and love” as reasons he was able to “heal so incredibly fast” after the New Year’s Day snow plow accident.

“Happy 10th Birthday to you!!!! So very proud of you in every way. Your hugs and your love, have healed me so incredibly fast,” he said in a message. He also posted a picture of the two, with Ava’s face blurred out by a heart.

“I stand up for you, and I am stronger than before because of you,” Renner continued. “I am your Father, I am your protector, and I am only yours. And I love you, Daddy.”

Earlier this month, the actor shared a sweet note from his nephew, Auggie, that left him feeling appreciative of his family. “I am very lucky because my uncle is hawk-eye (which is 1 of the Avengers),” Auggie’s hand-written note read. “I am also very lucky that my uncle is alive from his accident.” Renner replied on Instagram, writing, “Love my little man. Bless you Auggie.”